Holy Cow! 5 Reasons Toasted Gastrobrunch Just Made Sundays In Las Vegas Better

Keep Your Vegas Party Going and Get Toasted at Toasted Gastrobrunch

Written By: Bianca Kasawdish
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When you think of brunch, a few things usually come to mind: ambiance, food, drinks and a fabulous time—in no particular order. There’s one place in Las Vegas that does it right. Toasted Gastrobrunch offers the perfect setting to get your day started in all the right ways. From the modern vibes to creative cocktails and one-of-a-kind menu items, it’s much more than Insta-worthy. Here’s why:


Flaming Coffee… Just Try it Toasted Gastrobrunch Las Vegas

For those who love a good espresso martini (they have that, too), the flaming coffee takes the cake. To start, there’s Irish coffee with Jameson, Kahlua, sugar and nutmeg. For a little spice, there’s Spanish coffee made with Bacardi, Tia Maria and nutmeg. And for the brandy folk, Boozey Start has brandy, Grand Marnier, Kahlua and orange peel—it’s boozy, alright!


The Toast Selection Toasted Gastrobrunch Las Vegas

There are seven different kinds of toast specialties to try here. We repeat, seven different toast options! The classic avocado is loaded with chimichurri, arugula and almonds. Then, there’s the more upscale duck confit with sour cherry jam, Granny Smith apples, pistachios and yellow pepper. You can’t go wrong with the Nutella toast, topped with bananas, blackberries and toasted coconut. There’s definitely something for everyone here, even the (dare we say it) toast doubters.

Native Knowledge: All seven toast selections are charred, giving them a nice crunch.


Amazing Menu Items like… Toasted Gastrobrunch Las Vegas

First things first. Eggs in Purgatory, a house specialty, is a dish that gets everything right. It’s a sourdough bread bowl with shakshuka, mushroom, pork belly, feta, sunny-side-up egg, scallions and mint. The presentation is enough to draw you in, and you won’t be disappointed once you try it. The coconut pistachio kanafee is a unique kind of brunch item—it’s not only beautiful to look at, but it’s full of delicious flavors with shredded phyllo, ricotta and jack cheese filling, orange blossom syrup and toasted brioche, topped with pistachios. The Southern Fried Benny is like no other fried benny before. With crispy chicken, cheddar cornbread (the real star here), garlic spinach, béchamel, scallions and poached eggs, it’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Native Knowledge: The Southern Fried Benny comes with a chocolate-dipped apple.

Cocktails of Your Dreams

Because it’s not brunch without cocktails, the cocktail menu goes on and on…and on. For a little something different, the Creamsicle mimosa will take you on a sweet escape—all set with orange, vanilla and Champagne. It’s more dessert-like than anything else. The Green Monster is a modern take on the classic bloody mary, topped with shrimp, bacon and a stuffed olive.


Modern Vibes—Artsy

Pics or it didn’t happen. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of photo ops at Toasted Gastrobrunch. There are art walls galore to enhance your Insta-feed.


Toasted Gastrobrunch
215 Hwy and Flamingo Road
9156 West Flamingo, Suite 100
Las Vegas 89147

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