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Skip Yelp and find out what’s really going on in the food scene. Check out what local Angelenos like to eat, what’s trending for food and where the next supper club will be. Have you ever tried ice cream with curry coconut? So tasty! Follow these top 10 foodie instagrams for the dish on what’s hot in the food scene right now.



If you want to know where to get soft serve with toasted curry coconut or the next latest trends in food, then check out FOODGPS. His blog shows a clear representation that he is just as passionate about food as we are.




If you’re looking to try something different and unusual then this is the instagram for you. It focuses on places that you may not have known were out there.




Ever wanted to know where you could get your hands on a donut covered in Lucky Charms? Or which restaurants love Hello Kitty as much as you do? Or perhaps you are looking for something a little classier, like a frissee salad with a soft poached egg. DINELA offers a variety of foodie suggestions for any kind of mood you might be in.



Perhaps you are just day tripping to LA and aren’t to familiar with the area (it is huge after all) and you’re not really feeling like corporate America food chains. Ask a local. Think of Eddie as your local friend who can recommend places to dine and where to go to enjoy LA.




Check out this insta if you want to know about the best eats in LA. Ever wanted to know what those crazy desserts look like that come from those ultra private supper clubs? Look no further.



Follow this instagram to find out how you can take your foodie adventures to the next level.


Find out about upcoming foodie events, places that just opened, where to take a date, and where to let go of your diet. On the flip side, you can also find out where to go to eat healthy and stay on that diet of yours.




LA street food fest takes place on June 28th at the Rosebowl. In the meantime you can follow their instagram and see what you have to look forward to.




Even if you had a chance to go to the LA Food & Wine festival, you probably didn’t get a chance to eat every single dish that was available. Check out this insta to see what you missed out on and find out where to go try it.




Follow for your all access pass to food and wine. Check out what’s cooking in test kitchens and where the next party is at in LA.