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Dr. Justin West’s Plastic Surgery is All About the Patient

Written By: Elaine Morgan Cutting
Photographed By: Hunter Cole Finesse Plastic Surgery

The waiting areas of Finesse Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach are designed more like a living room than a doctor’s office. Comfort and style stand out in the cushioned armchairs, and welcoming, smiling faces greet newcomers cheerfully. Plastic surgery can be a stressful and uncomfortable decision, however, at the end of Finesse’s hallway sits Dr. Justin West, a plastic surgeon who shines as one of the most caring and genuine doctors in his field. Finesse Plastic Surgery

Dr. West performed his first medical procedure when he was five years old. His father, who was a surgeon, had him remove a mole from his head. From there, Dr. West knew he wanted to follow his father into a medical career. On his first rotation in medical training, Dr. West ended up in plastic surgery and knew this was where he wanted to be. “There’s something very powerful about being able to rebuild somebody and put them back together and make them whole,” says Dr. West. “I think my journey was realizing, instead of taking people apart, it just made more sense to me to put them back together.” Finesse Plastic Surgery

Dr. West began surgical work at Breastlink, a breast cancer treatment center where his father worked. This center supported all stages of breast cancer from diagnosis to treatment. Dr. West found that through plastic surgery, he could help complete the last stage, recovery and reconstruction, to make his patients whole again. “Cancer is a really devastating thing, and mastectomy scares the hell out of people. They think they’re going to be disfigured. Being part of that journey of putting somebody back together and restoring their wholeness, their femininity, their confidence, it’s a really special thing.”

Over time, Dr. West found that his patients formed a deep bond of trust with him, enough to return and ask about other areas of their bodies that they felt were incomplete or made them uncomfortable. “Going to a cancer center is awkward for someone who’s just coming in for cosmetic procedures,” says Dr. West. “We decided we wanted a space that was appropriate for both types of patients, a practice that focuses on full spectrum plastic surgery.” In 2013, this idea of offering a space for anyone to discuss reconstruction or cosmetic surgery became a reality in Finesse.

Whether it’s a reconstruction after cancer, removal, or a cosmetic procedure, trust and respect remain at the core of what Dr. West does. His practice and philosophy will always revolve around helping people take control of their bodies and their image. “It’s a stressful thing, talking about something that you’re self-conscious about, and I think that can be very uncomfortable,” says Dr. West. “We treat our patients like humans and like family and try to make them feel comfortable in our office… they choose what’s best for them, and then we’ll walk them through that journey whatever they choose.”

Adventure Is Out There: Dr. West is passionate about traveling and would love to be able to see more of the world. “I like to see the things you read about in history books as a kid,” says Dr. West. He’s already been to places like Kenya, Rwanda, Egypt, England, Ireland and Germany, but he’s most passionate about returning to Africa to see more of East Africa.

Better Together: Dr. West’s wife is also a doctor. She’s an ophthalmologist. “It’s easy to talk to her about work’s challenges,” says Dr. West. They currently have two young children: a three-year-old, a one-year-old and they are expecting a baby in April.

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