East Village Association Creates Unity In the Community Through Their Curbside Dining Initiative 

Dine Outdoors in the Heart of East Village, San Diego! Written By: Kaylin Waizinger Photography Provided By: Amari Dixon East Village Outdoor Dining Nothing says hip and vibrant quite like San Diego’s East Village. What was once predominantly occupied by commercial warehouses, vacant lots and a smattering of residential properties, the neighborhood is now a thriving

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Dirty Heads Super Moon

Unique Perspectives of the Dirty Heads Song “High Tea”

Shared Blog Post By: OPKIX Dirty Heads Super Moon Of the list of things we missed most over quarantine, concerts are right there at the top. But fear not, because The Dirty Heads have us covered. In case you didn’t get the memo, they’ve been live streaming concerts playing each of their albums one-by-one each

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Our Mini-Guide of What You Can Do About the California Wildfires

4 Simple Things You Can Do Today Written By: Taylor Gorski Help California Wildfires California is on fire.  And not for the first time. In fact, these are the worst wildfires the state has ever seen. More than two million acres have been burned. According to the Associated Press, “They are only the latest examples

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This Moroccan-Mediterranean Restaurant Will Make You Think Pink

Sink Your Teeth Into Moroccan and Mediterranean-Influenced Dishes  Written by: Andrew Smith Photographed by: Laura Perkins Pink Cabana Nestled inside the heavily revamped Sands Hotel & Spa, The Pink Cabana draws in many visitors for its quaint midcentury Palm Springs design and Moroccan-inspired architecture, but it’s the food that keeps them coming back. The Mediterranean

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Hang Your Favorite Beach at Home With These Hand-Crafted Stitched Flags

A Look Into the Beloved Salty Brand, Slightly Choppy  Hand-crafted, perfectly imperfect surf artifacts made in Newport Beach can only be described as one thing: Slightly Choppy. Created in 2015 by Scott Richards, Slightly Choppy is a collection of stitched flags and other creative keepsakes with the purpose of connecting people to the spots they

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