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LA’s Savviest Interior Design Team: Homepolish

Written By: Melissa Mitchell homepolish
Photographed By: Bradley Blackburn

From living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to baths—once ordinary rooms are becoming works of art at the hands of Homepolish’s interior design team. These space creatives are revamping the interior design world with their innovation, transparent pricing, and accessibility. When Homepolish’s creative director, Orlando Soria, agreed to give us a peek inside his home, we could hardly wait to glimpse the wonders within. Just as people yearn to see behind the curtain of a broadway production, we were just as eager to see inside the home of LA’s premier avant-garde room revamper.

“My condo has a very bright, modern, minimalistic feel. It’s not innately my style, but it’s the style the condo wanted to be, ” Orlando says. The interior design aficionado encourages his clients to work with the architecture of their space, not against it. “If you have an apartment built in 2004, it might not be the best idea to go to with a medieval theme, ” he says. With over 500 designers nationwide, Homepolish is making entrances more beautiful near and far. What’s on their agenda other than making the world around you much more visually appealing? Their aim is to make interior design more accessible to the masses with exclusive retailer discounts, transparent pricing and zero hidden fees. Homebodies of all budgets can take advantage of Homepolish’s lifestylish service. Why shouldn’t you hang your hat in a place you’re proud to call home?

Size Doesn’t Matter: What are some design tips to make any space feel larger? “The best trick is having appropriately proportioned furniture, ” Orlando says. “For example, lower, loungier couches or a lower platform bed will make your space feel larger because it takes up less wall space.”

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