Trend Alert: Roberto Coin’s Stackable Jewelry

From Summer to Fall, Roberto Coin is Your Go-To for Timeless Jewelry

Written By: Angela Hatcher and Jordan Ligons Roberto Coin’s Stackable Jewelry

Our romance with beautiful jewelry takes on a whole new meaning with the quintessential jewelry designs by renowned Italian designer Roberto Coin. Whether it’s a graceful Perfect Diamond Hoop to mark a celebratory occasion or a must-have Pois Moi stacking bracelet with its softened square corners that lend a classic feel to contemporary designs. Roberto Coin has the designs to set your heart on fire. With his passion for precision and beauty, Roberto Coin captures the heart of what it means to own and wear a piece of timeless jewelry. As he seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary design, Coin is a creator of sophistication at its finest.

Expert: Sarah Verble
Credentials: Roberto Coin Assistant Manager
Southern Native: Sarah and her husband moved to Newport Beach from Tennessee in 1979.

Q: Heading into fall 2016, what do you see as the hottest jewelry trend?

SV: I think we will see even more stacking bracelets and rings—from all gold to diamond encrusted. We have been showing and selling more bracelets during 2016.

Q: Why do you think this is such a trend now?

SV: The stacking trend gives our customers a chance to express themselves in a new way.  Why wear one piece of beautiful jewelry when you can wear two or more? Stacking jewelry items also helps significant others to know what the next perfect gift choice will be.

Q: What are some of your favorite Roberto Coin pieces to stack?

SV: My favorite pieces of RC to stack are the Pois Moi bangles and rings. The Pois Moi design came out as a softened square shape that comes with a pave diamond accent or entirely gold. The most popular is the white gold pave bracelet or ring in the center with white, yellow or rose gold on each side. It’s a look that says, “Here I am and I’m on top of the fashion scene!” We have just expanded our Pois Moi line with our Symphony bracelet collection that boasts a softer oval shape. I believe this will be one our biggest sellers for Christmas with such an affordable price.   

Our New Barocco line is another collection that lends itself to stacking in a big way. The bracelets and rings are available in all three colors and come with or without diamonds. Pois Moi is a more modern look, whereas New Barocco has a softer lace feel.

Q: What is the most popular stackable piece in store?

SV: One of our biggest selling collections for many years – which is still at the top – is the Primavera or “spring” line. This stretchy group was being stacked before stacking became so popular.  The greatest thing about Primavera is the absence of a clasp, so you can just slide it over your wrist.

Of course you can’t discuss stacking without the diamond eternity band. We made these in many different diamond weights to be worn alone or with other rings.  A great ring for traveling.

Q: A lot of women want to know: Can we mix metals?

SV: Mixing white, yellow and rose gold gives a new interpretation to those pieces you may have sitting in your jewelry box. By wearing all three colors, you get a totally different look.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into the world of jewelry.  

Sarah Verble: My husband, Bruce, and I moved from Tennessee to Newport Beach in 1979 to help open a family-owned jewelry store with my brother. Since neither of us had any experience in retail, it was a “learn as you go” experience, but well worth the effort. I acquired my GIA Diamond Certificate from the Gemological Institute of America and did appraisals for our store for years, as well as sales, jewelry buying and managing the jewelry sales department. Meanwhile, Bruce managed the customer service department and was operations manager for the store, as well as working with over 20 international watch companies. We’ve been very fortunate to be able to work together for over 35 years!

Jewelry Expert Sarah Verble Tells us how to Make any Look Timeless with Roberto Coin’s Stackable Jewelry

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