Written and Photographed by: Brianna Romano DIY Halloween Makeup
Makeup by: Heather Ditfurth of Dolled Up OC DIY Halloween Makeup
Model: Chelsea Maras DIY Halloween Makeup


Orange County Makeup Artist Heather Ditfurth of Dolled Up OC gets us makeup ready for Halloween. With products that are easy to find around Halloween stores and your makeup collection, she shows us a quick and easy way to become a Mermaid no matter what color your tail is!

What you’ll need:


-Shimmery eyeshadow that matches your mermaid fin’s color (we used blue)

-Fishnet stocking cut into about a 6-inch square


-Falsh eyelashes

-Clear eyelash glue

-Glitter eyeliner (We used Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter liner in Deep Blue and Silver) DIY Halloween Makeup

mermaid11. Cover eyelid with primer, then blend eyeshadow on lid.

Mermaid22. Apply false lashes followed by a liner on top and bottom a slightly different shade than eyeshadow. DIY Halloween Makeup

Mermaid33. Apply foundation and powder, then using a piece of fishnet stocking spread across the side of your face, take a fluffy brush and press eyeshadow into netting. If you have multiple shades of blue available, mix them together to create a scale look.


4. Lift fishnet off face and repeat on the other side.


5. Add rhinestones using clear eyelash glue. Apply glitter sporadically throughout scales on both sides of face.


6. Apply glitter eyeliner on top and bottom lash lines.



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Check out Dolled Up OC to book an appointment or to see more of Heather’s work.

949.259.3561 | DIY Halloween Makeup

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