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The Gold Standard

The Expert: Jason Demuth | Credentials: Director of Marketing, Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

Written By: Genesis Gonzalez

Photographed By: Tara Simon

Trump International Hotel Las Vegas has set the bar, the “golden” bar, when it comes to the perfect, always comfortable and luxurious stay for everyone to enjoy. This five-star resort exudes nothing but excellence with great customer service, to breathtaking rooms, to pure fun for the whole family. Enjoy a refreshing Las Vegas stay without all the noise of a casino floor, breathe easy with Trump International Hotel’s no smoking policy, and indulge with the finest eats at DJT. Bring the kids, for endless fun begins here, with campfires and s’mores, glamping is always the best at Trump. Let’s not forget our furry friends for robes, beds and fun delights await them as well.

Whether you are traveling on business, coming from abroad, or making memories with the family, Jason Demuth, Director of Marketing, and his staff will go above and beyond to ensure every stay at Trump International Hotel Las Vegas is nothing short of golden perfection.


Q: When it comes to Las Vegas, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to hotel stays. How does Trump International Hotel Las Vegas brand itself as a favorite among travelers?

Jason Demuth: In terms of the property, we are a five-star brand and one of the best hotels in the market. It is a brand everyone knows. The goal of our brand is to spoil our guests better than anyone else. And even more than that, to create a stay that is the leading edge. We are constantly talking about what is modern and what’s new and what we need to incorporate in the properties.

Q: When it comes to the rise of new hotels, do you feel there is competition?

JD: There have been several properties open since we’ve been open, and it hasn’t seemed to affect us. I think in some ways, they are competing with each other. We are still who we are.

Q: Trump International Hotel Las Vegas has a unique niche of no casino and no smoking. How has the response been from guests, and do you feel Las Vegas may incorporate this more?

JD: That’s a great question. I can’t answer if it’s a concept that will come about more in Vegas, but the guests that we have come here for that reason, and they keep coming back for that reason.

Q: How does the hotel incorporate social media into its marketing strategy?

JD: The Trump family is very well known, and they all have active social media accounts. Social media and publicity are core to the company in general. Our social media accounts are very active, and the guests really love to interact with us. I think part of that is because the family is so visible, and it feels more personal when we are posting things and relating to our guests. When I say social media, it’s not just Facebook or Twitter, but the review sites as well. A lot of times people recommend something or have a critique, and we will take it to heart. We read every single one, and we actually have people to ensure that if we make a mistake, we make sure we don’t do it again. If there’s a service we can consider, we will.

Q: How does Trump International Hotel Las Vegas keep in mind its guests and provide the best?

JD: When I give tours of the property, no one says anything but “wow” when they walk into the room. They are meant to impress, and they do. I think this building is a good example, and we see that the Trump standard has been incorporated into this town. The outside of the building is very Vegas. It’s gold and has the Trump Marquee at the top, which a lot of the properties have, but it still has that sophistication when you are coming here, so if that’s what you like, or that’s what you’re used to, it’s going to feel like home.

Q: How involved was the Trump family when it came to the amazing décor and details?

JD: The Trump family are builders and developers. My experience here is that they are incredibly involved in every aspect of the design and are very hands on. They have specific ultra-high standards about the way they want everything to be. Overwhelmingly, that is a very positive response from the guests.

Q: How would you describe your day to day challenges and opportunities with the Trump brand?

JD: It’s a family-owned business and the Trumps are very involved and are great people! There is always the expectation that we are all doing everything to the highest standard. If I’m doing my job well, I’m telling the story that we’ve built. Every day, I’m telling that story to the marketplace, and my challenge is really staying up to speed on what the latest and greatest channels and marketing are to get that story out. But the story is the hotel, the building and the service that is the marketing. I’m just trying to be a great mouthpiece for it.

Q: What do you feel has been your biggest strength when it comes to your role as Director of Marketing?

JD: I’m going to be a company man and say as Mr. Trump would say: It is about the pillars of success, passion, drive and enthusiasm. I work hard every day to be excellent and to communicate to our guests and future guests what is so great about this place. It’s a love of what we do and a love of this company.

Q: What are some of the benefits to a Trump Card?

JD: The Trump Card is a privileges program. The goal of the Trump Card is to make the stay even better for our guests in the program. They choose how much information they want to give us about themselves, and what their wants and needs are. There’s an element of it that we want to be intuitive as well, but if you come and want a room to always be at 73 degrees, that is the goal that we do those things for you. We strive for great communication with our guests so that if they have special requests, we can accommodate them.

Q: For most travelers, summer is the prime season to visit Las Vegas, but do you feel any season is great, especially with the variety of things to do?

JD: Las Vegas is a true four season destination. The main attraction, The Strip, is the center of entertainment no matter the season. You can also golf year-round, and when it’s cold outside, there is a ski resort less than an hour from the city. When you add in all of the sightseeing tours to the nearby national parks and recreation areas, and the world-class on and off-Strip attractions, you realize that Vegas is one of the best places to be on any day of the year.

Native Knowledge: Trump International Hotel Las Vegas creates their very own Fireball with Jameson and Red Hots. Returned Guests can eventually have their own drink.

Top Five Unique Amenities at Trump Hotel

1. Glamping packages for the family and kids

2. On call helicopter for guests

3. Robes and beds provided for dogs

4. Sprinters – car service

5. Craving Pizza from Italy? – Not a problem!

Trump International Hotel Las Vegas
2000 Fashion Show Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89109