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The ‘Pollo Fundido’ Takes Your Chicken Skin, Fries It And Dunks It In A Cheese Dip

Written By: Isai Rocha Try This Cheesy Fried Treat at FoodBeast’s Oozefest
Photography By: Bobby Navarro

Even if you’re one of those people who pick the skin off your chicken to feel a tad bit healthier, you have to admit it’s the tastiest part of the chicken.

Grits Fullerton has embraced the chicken skin and created a crispy dish called the Pollo Fundido, which will only be available at Oozefest in Santa Ana.

The Pollo Fundido takes the sweater off the chicken, fries it, and puts it alongside a dip made with gruyere,  white cheddar and ground pickled pork belly.

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You’ll only be able to grab a bite of this delicious chicken rind October 10 during Foodbeast’s first annual Oozefest in Santa Ana.

Oozefest will consist of over 20 exclusive cheesy dishes, such as the Pollo Fundido. The festival is not only an all-you-can-eat event, but price of admission also gives you access to more than 15 different beer vendors.

Check out Grits Fullerton’s regular menu, which is considered on of Orange County’s best brunch spots, and for more info and tickets to Oozefest, peep the event site here.


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