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Beaming Cafe Has a Plant-Based Menu Tastes Great & Makes You Feel Even Better


Beaming is an energy. It’s joy and vibrancy, and high-quality superfoods blended together and sipped through a straw. Beaming is a chocolate chip cookie packed with protein and tasting just as good, and a crisp salad with a finely paired dressing made in-house. Beaming is the warmth in the smiles that are on team members’ and customers’ faces alike. Beaming is a lifestyle.

Beaming is also a gourmet, organic superfood café in Del Mar, with clean lines, colorful wall-mounted chalk menus, with outside seating at trendy lime-colored tables, and indoor window seating at a bar or a cute bench. The welcome is warm, and the samples just to the right of the register are certainly worth trying—all of them.


Superfoods are the name of the game here, and care and consciousness about food and health are the results. “It’s about finding your own personal balance and what makes your body thrive, ” says Lisa Odenweller, founder and CEO. Beaming Cafe features a plant-based menu made to taste good and make you feel even better. It’s the ultimate recognition of food as medicine and was the inspiration behind the development of the cafe. “Food matters, ” says Lisa, “but how do you inspire people to take responsibility for their health? We have more control than people think.” So, after her own health struggles, Lisa took control, felt empowered and wanted to remove the complication and the confusion that often surrounds the complex world of nutrition. “I wanted to simplify people’s lives and have the highest quality and quantity of superfoods.”

Still fresh off the New Year, resolutions haven’t all failed or been abandoned, and often those resolutions include dietary improvements. Smoothies and juicing are often a part of that trend, if for no other reason than the ability to pack the nutrients of several pounds of fruits and vegetables into one drink. For Beaming Cafe, it’s not about chasing the latest trends. It’s about a healthful, gourmet experience that’s really convenient. Everything—from the protein bites to the smoothies, to the salads and dressings—is made in-house. The fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients are sourced from local farmers whenever possible, and from the highest quality suppliers. While most things on the menu are gluten and dairy-free, and focus around a whole-food approach, Lisa herself is not a vegan, nor a raw-foodist, nor gluten-free. “So much of the gluten-free diet is not good because it has no nutritional value, ” Lisa says, in explaining how too often a misinformed gluten-free diet consists of poorly made food choices. “A Beaming diet for just a few days will make you feel amazing.”


Beaming Cafe has teamed up with some of the nation’s top culinary chefs who specialize in raw food, in addition to leading experts on cleansing. It’s the combination of the two that allows Beaming to offer artisan foods and smoothies that not only excel in regards to taste, but also help to improve the body’s overall wellbeing. It supports transformation through using plants to heal, which requires high integrity ingredients for the highest benefit.

As part of Beaming’s mission to simplify while simultaneously nourish, Beaming’s baked goods are treated with the same consciousness. “I was always the kid in the kitchen who was trying to make a chocolate chip cookie healthy. I wanted to create baked goods that had superfoods.” Thus, Beaming’s superfood-rich and protein-packed almond butter chocolate chip cookie—and other tasty desserts like chia pudding, carrot muffins and sprouted almond brittle—were born.

Though the menu features a large array of different smoothies, a few bowls and other items, and a case of vibrant, fresh juices lining the shelves, this isn’t your typical smoothie shop, nor your average juice bar. There is constant care, constant collaboration, and constant reinvention. “I’ll wake up at six in the morning with an idea for a new smoothie, and I’ll just start creating, ” says Lisa.

And create she does, even shaking up our “Meals Deconstructed” by changing the featured drink last minute to something she created while out on a run that very morning. The result: a delightful treat jam-packed with nutrients and flavor that she dubbed The Ultimate Power Smoothie.


Featuring almond milk, banana, avocado, dates, cacao nibs, cacao powder, goji berries, hemp seeds, pink Himalayan sea salt, walnuts, maca, Beaming Superfood Smoothie Blend and Beaming Protein Powder, the finished drink is among the texturally smoothest available anywhere, with the blend of avocado and banana creating a rich creaminess. It is a chocolaty blend, so if chocolate is not your thing, you might want to opt for something greener and equally as satisfying. The sweetness of the drink makes it taste like an indulgence, and features nature’s candy—the date. Cacao nibs add to the chocolaty- ness, but offer more in the form of a nice grittiness that complements the velvety consistency.

Beaming’s flagship store is in Del Mar, with additional locations having recently opened or opening soon in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. “It’s a different approach to anything I’ve ever seen done before, ” Lisa says of Beaming. “It’s a lifestyle.”

A lifestyle it is—one of smiles, health, and good food. “I can teach you to make a smoothie, but I can’t teach you to be beaming.” It’s an energy, a happiness…sip by nutritious sip.

TRY BEAMING’S SUPERFOOD CLEANSE PROGRAMS: Each program includes cold- pressed juices, superfood smoothies, superfood elixirs and snacks, soups and salads. Pick from the following: Lean, Lifestyle and Active—all available in one, three or four- day programs. Head to their website to find the right cleanse for you!

HEALTHY HELPING: Beaming Cafe offers at least three pounds of deliciously fresh fruits and vegetables in each of their cold- pressed juices, so drink up!

Beaming Cafe
2683 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014