Photography By: Daniel Stiborek
Photography By: Daniel Stiborek

Turn Any Vehicle Into a Camper Van With This Little Box

With Innovation at the Forefront, This European Brand Designs Premium Outdoor Products Perfect for Adventure Seekers 

There is nothing more frustrating in this consumer society than looking to purchase something specific that adds to your life but not being able to find it…anywhere. Egoé founders Radek Hegmon and David Karásek found this same dissatisfaction with outdoor furniture in stores, which allowed their irritation to breed innovation, leading them to create a collection that fit their needs. Fortunately, they were design students, and they used their experience and knowledge to create products with a natural combination of quality and utility.  Best Camping Supplies

Photography By: Daniel Stiborek

Egoé is a lifestyle brand born in the Czech Republic that designs and creates products for everything outside. From outdoor furniture and sporting goods to camping and public works infrastructure, Egoé is unafraid to break the status quo and is constantly looking into the future. The brand is a branch of the design studio “mmcité” and continues to design products that are simple, beautiful and durable. 

Over the years, the Egoé team has grown to roughly 300 when accounting for design, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, reflecting their courage and spirit to break barriers and create products that go beyond just the aesthetics. They are eager to collaborate with external designers for new perspectives because for them, it’s about the human experience of finding value in the great outdoors. Best Camping Supplies

Photography By: Julius Filip



“These pieces and collections are meant to be used, not to be placed in a corner. Everything is built with intent…to be robust and high-quality, and to last a lifetime,” says Jason Kuiper, Egoé regional director for North America. Best Camping Supplies

The sole focus of the Egoé brand is to create collections refined to fit naturally within a given environment—minimal, clean and practical—but also with the desire to transform the concept of what it means to be outside. “European design is evident in our products. It’s these structures and lines that highlight our identity and our approach to the process… Our collections were built with intent without sacrificing the design,” explains Kuiper. Best Camping Supplies

Egoé’s umbrella of outdoor products focuses on the life, move and nest concepts, hoping to enrich the lives of people outdoors through purpose-driven design and innovation. It is with this desire to innovate and cultivate life outdoors that granted them the prestigious “Red Dot Design” award in 2021, honoring three products/collections for their sophistication, detail and unconventionalism.

Within their life concept, Egoé has several collections of outdoor seating and dining, but there’s one unique collection that stands above the rest. The Leva Home modular collection was designed to transform an outdoor locale into a tranquil “interior” space. Its modular cubic design offers a wide range of possibilities. With variable formats, including kitchen and dining, lounging and children’s play areas, the Leva design brings a new kind of comfort to being outside. There are also similar collections that focus on modular builds for public areas like parks and outdoor workspaces, highlighting how contemporary outdoor space can be utilized in this changing post-lockdown climate. Best Camping Supplies

Photography Provided By: Egoe

Representing Egoé’s move concept comes the Beat ski collection. Designed with the essence of ski mountaineering in mind, these skis depict a skier’s journey. Its award-winning graphic design of fluctuating heartbeats serve as an external presentation of one’s passion for their craft. 

Egoé’s next award-winning concept was born from Hegmon’s dissatisfaction with mobile outdoor-living spaces. Finding no RV that would fit the specific outdoor lifestyle he sought out, the Nestbox was created. This mobile modular concept eliminates the need to purchase an RV by transforming your vehicle’s backseat and trunk space into a comfortable camper specifically designed to fit your needs. It has sets featuring a gas stove, sink space and a sleeping area. With a welded steel-frame base and a meticulously crafted design, it can withstand everything the outdoors brings. The Nestbox is definitely a game-changer now that more people have more expressed freedom from the traditional workplace. 

What really separates Egoé from other lifestyle brands is most notably their willingness to break through convention and develop products from ideas that seem both familiar and brand new at the same time. While Egoé is just tapping into the US market, concepts like the Leva and Nestbox mark a beautiful sunrise into what is sure to be a household name in the coming years. 

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