These Two Bunch Palms’ Estheticians Talk Beauty, Role Models, and Being GPS Locals

These Beauty Experts Give Us the 411

Written By: Kelly Emmer
Photographed By: Bianca Simonian Two Bunch Palms

Expert: Linda McConnelee & Sunrise Loveland
Credentials: Estheticians, Two Bunch Palms

Q: Are you a born and raised local?  If not, what made you want to go into business in this specific area?

Linda McConnelee: I’m not a born and raised local, I fell in love with the Palm Springs area 35 years ago. I moved from Orange County to Palm Springs that same year in 1981. I began my career in 1984 when I discovered Two Bunch Palms and fell in love with its magical charm.

Sunrise Loveland: I grew up in southwestern Michigan and went to school in the San Francisco area.  Before I came to the desert, I worked at the Calistoga Mineral Water Spa area in the wine country.  I started working at Two Bunch Palms in 1989 and have always been lucky enough to live in an area where there were mineral springs, therefore I became interested in the healing arts.   

Q: Has this current career always been your career of choice?  If not, what made you want to move into your current career?

LM: The beauty industry has been my career of choice after working at Two Bunch Palms for the first year. I began as a receptionist in the spa and started to notice the calm, happy, and glowing faces as they checked out of the spa. It was then that I decided to go to school to acquire my esthetician license and in 1988 I returned to Two Bunch Palms to perform facials.

SL: My current career of choice came later in life.  I have enjoyed being an esthetician and massage therapist for 30 years.  My first influence was at the age of 17 while reading a teen magazine about how to do self-massage on the face.  Sometime later, I received a practical massage from my twin sister while she was attending massage school and I was hooked.  I knew right then this was my next step in life.   

Q: They say it’s challenging to have a profitable business during the summer months here, and as you know many businesses close. What has been your philosophy of success for harder times?

LM: I never compromise on quality of products and I always have the customer’s best interests at heart. I am always mindful of the guests’ lifestyle and what works best for them. Most of all, honesty and respect is key, because skin can be a personal and private issue. I strive for integrity at all times.  

SL: The summers are hot but we still have many locals who need our services year round. Two Bunch Palms has amazing local summer specials that help keep us busy and build up a solid return client base. Also, I find Los Angeles people want to escape the June gloom that sometimes carries over into July and August, making the mineral water and sun a feature attraction that keeps them coming back.  

Q: What motivates you to come to work every morning?  Are there a variety of inspirations?

LM: The resort is always looking for ways to give back to the community by participating in fundraising events. These events are a great way to introduce people to our little oasis in the desert and to shine a light on our award-winning hot mineral waters here in the city of Desert Hot Springs.  

SL: I love the interaction between me and my clients. Hearing how they feel about their skin and themselves enables me to formulate a way to improve on any skin issues they may be facing. I enjoy helping my clients achieve more radiant, glowing skin so that they feel great about how they look.  

Q: You both are being featured as beauty experts! If you had to sum up what beauty and/or style meant to you personally, what would you say?

LM: Beauty and style to me means enhancing your natural beauty and creating what feels good to you, for only then will your true beauty and natural glow shine through on the outside. Having a professional will help to achieve that glow when using the appropriate products for the individual.

SL: Outer beauty is all about inner beauty. Having a sense of feeling good about yourself makes you shine! Searching out tools for building self-confidence and self-awareness can support you in creating that special you. We are each unique… So create your own style!

Q: Who are your role models?

LM: I would have to say that my fellow employees at Two Bunch Palms are the most hard working, gifted, and dedicated people I know. I’ve never seen such a collection of gifted healing hands in one place. The “Healers of Two Bunch Palms” are the true heart and soul of the resort!

SL: Raquel Welch has always been my role model because of her yoga practices and her classic beauty.  

Q: Finish this sentence.  You aren’t a true Greater Palm Springs local until you…

LM: Find your better self at Two Bunch Palms!

SL: Visited Two Bunch Palms and splashed in the mineral waters.   

Two Bunch Palms
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Get to Know Linda McConnelee and Sunrise Loveland, Estheticians at Two Bunch Palms

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