Two Free Events are Happening in Santa Monica This Weekend for the Science Lovers

STEAM Machines Innovation Fair and Rube Goldberg Curious Contraption Contest Comes to Santa Monica This Weekend

 STEAM Machines

This weekend, on Sunday March 5, the 4th annual STEAM Machines Innovation Fair and Rube Goldberg Curious Contraption Contest comes to the Santa Monica Pier. It’s a one-day event for all those in the science, technology, engineering, arts, and math fields.

A panel of scientists will share their wild stories and ideas, which will include Gray Bright (host of “The Tomorrow Show”), Jeremy Selan (two-time Academy Award Winner in Scientific and Technical Achievement), and more!

The Rube Goldberg Curious Contraption Contest features student groups in a battle of Rube Goldberg Machines, which are deliberately overly engineered contraptions that perform simple tasks through complicated paths—which ends up being a hilarious journey for onlookers. Whether science is your jam or seems daunting, this will be a fun experience for everyone!

Also be on the lookout for highlights in the Innovative Exhibition during the competition:

Columbia Memorial Space Center: guests can use LEGO robots to compete against each other at soccer.

Craig Burrows Photography: floral photography collection lauded by Wired for its ‘ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence’ technique.

Heal the Bay / Aquarium / FCEC: piloting an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV), build boats out of aluminum foil and play around with a host of other technological gadgets.

Orchanic: showcasing an A.I. prototype that uses Deep Learning to identify trash on the beaches, the HEXA spider robot, and smart clothing.

Paisley Garbage: arts and craft vendor.

Peddler’s Creamery: churn delicious homemade ice cream by a bicycle.

reDiscover Center: turn massive amounts of recycled cardboard into anything imaginable.

STEMup4Youth: guests can let their imaginations go wild by building enormous structures out of recycled cardboard.

Steve Craig’s drawBot: a crowd favorite, Steve Craig returns again this year with his exceptionally popular drawing machines and more. invites festival-goers to create the Ultimate Recycling Machine using their imagination, engineering skills, and some fun upcycled materials.

Urban Objects: Artist Aaron Kramer is exhibiting many mechanical marvels – some even made from ordinary household stuff – exploring the transcendent nature of ordinary objects and the hidden humanity in castoffs.

Mind Makers: build an awesome, interactive exhibit showcasing the connection between autonomous systems and our own human anatomy.

SkySource: Architect David Hertz, has integrated an air to water technology called ‘Skysource’ to produce up to 150 gallons of water per day! The water is offered to the public of Venice Beach, CA for free as well as to a local NGO, Community Healing Gardens. An air-harvesting machine and bottles presented on the pier!

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Native Knowledge: For all the foodies in attendance, there will be local vendors galore to satisfy your hunger like Soda Jerks, Rusty’s Surf Ranch, Pier Burger, and more. Don’t forget a churro!

STEAM Machines
Innovation Fair & Rube Goldberg Contest
Sunday • March 5 • 11:00am
200 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA 90401
STEAM Machines Innovation Fair and Rube Goldberg Curious Contraption Contest

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