best burritos San Francisco
Photo by Rodolfo Magallanes on Unsplash
best burritos San Francisco
Photo by Rodolfo Magallanes on Unsplash

The Ultimate San Francisco Burrito Guide for Outside Landers

The Burrito Dudes Swear By These SF Burrito’s

Written By: Robertino Altieri, President & Founder of Burrito Dudes best burritos San Francisco

We get it! When you think San Francisco, you think the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, the infamous cable cars, and the beloved restaurant and food trends; but, did you ever stop to think about SF’s burritos? That’s right, burritos!

California’s finest burrito review experts, the Burrito Dudes, and Locale Magazine partnered up to put together a hot list of burritos sourced from the bay area’s most influential foodies. In support of this weekend’s rowdy and festive Outside Land’s from Aug 9-Aug 11th, we ensured this list included the top burrito eateries both at the festival and in all of San Francisco. Be sure to check out @burritodudes Instagram for amazing offers on free burritos while at the festival. If you happen to try one of these beloved burritos, be sure to take a picture (or video) of the burrito and tag @burritodudes with your 10-point scale review for a chance to featured! Saddle up and enjoy the show(s) with our exclusive list of our favorite burritos in SF.


Some Say This is Outside Lands Best Burrito! best burritos San Francisco

Be sure to mention @burritodudes for special offers at this vendor! They will be posting periodic free burrito opportunities at non-specified times. Follow @burritodudes to stay updated!

Vendor: @alba_rays

Rating: We’ll be here (at Outside Lands) waiting for your review!

Written by: @alba_rays

Alba Ray’s is a taste of New Orleans in the heart of the Mission. One of our fan favorites is our Jambalaya Burrito. We take all the deliciousness of a classic Jambalaya and wrap it up with our Southern-style hospitality. Our Meat Jambalaya Burrito will be featured at Outside Lands and is filled with toasted rice, chicken, tasso ham, andouille sausage, smoked gouda, tomato, black-eyed peas, and cabbage. It’s the best way to enjoy what our Mission Cajun spot offers. You can take a moment from the festival to sit and savor it or you can take it to go and “Laissez les bons temps rouler! Let the good times roll.”


Here’s a MASSIVE Burrito That’s Perfect For Your Post Festivities

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Influencer: @photogenicfoodies

Restaurant: @thelittlechihuahua

Rating: 9/10

Written by: @photogenicfoodies

The Mission is obviously the home of the classic California burrito, but our favorite burrito spot is placed on the bustling and trendy Divisadero strip! The Little Chihuahua is a neighborhood gem shelling out some MASSIVE burritos with ingredients that will leave you drooling. Here’s your order if you want to do it right: “I’d like a carne asada super burrito…smothered”. What does this mean? It means you’re getting carne asada, black beans, mexican rice, salsa, cabbage salad, and pico de gallo inside…sour cream, jack cheese, and guacamole on top…and then the whole burrito is smothered in your choice of green chile or red guajillo sauce! Heavenly. If you want a fire burrito before (or after) a night on the Divisadero strip, this is the spot for you.

Also, here’s a plus, it’s on the way to and from Outside Lands if you’d like to stop in for one of these monsters this weekend!


Don’t Miss This Food Truck at Outside Lands best burritos San Francisco

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Influencer: @definitelybayarea

Vendor: @senorsisig

Rating: 7/10

Written by: @definitelybayarea

Burritos, Burritos, Burritos… they’re delicious, satisfying and timeless. You could never go wrong with carne asada, juicy Al pastor and sometimes you can get some amazing lengua if you’re feeling adventurous. Being from the South Bay, there’s never ending choices to find an amazing burrito. Working in San Francisco there’s a never ending list of amazing food to choose from and sometimes I’m just indecisive. Senor Sisig is a food truck that I’ve spotted that emphasizes in Filipino Fusion. They just happen to make burritos! The menu is pretty straight forward, so I opted for the one that sounded juicy. It just happened to be the Tosilog Burrito: Filipino sweet pork, adobo garlic rice , fresh tomatoes  and a fried egg! I just happened to get mine Hella Spicy which is just extra chopped jalepenos. You can opt for the side of pepper vinegar which I totally recommend to pour over the burrito with each bite. The burrito is juicy and moist, especially with a fried egg deep in the middle.

The pork is light, sweet, and satisfying. I’d totally wish adding fried was an option to this, would’ve made it a even wilder experience. Senor Sisig have multiple trucks in SF even at utside Lands! You can definitely find them easily by following their Instagram page for locations. They’re worth trying if you want to mix up your burrito life. If you’re in town for Outside Lands this weekend, I encourage you to find them and try them! Don’t be afraid to split it with friends if you want to try their menu! I’d give it a 7/10 and I’d be back for more while bring my own hot sauce to drown it in.


How Often Do you Have The “Best Burrito” Discussion best burritos San Francisco

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Influencer: @sanfranciscofoodguy

Restaurant: El Farolito

Written by: @sanfranciscofoodguy

The best burrito in San Francisco is hands down El Farolito on 24th and Alabama!

There are 4 El Farolito locations in the city and the location at 24th and Alabama is the burrito king. (SF native insider tip: the location at Mission and Onondaga has the best suizas!)

After a day full of music and booze at Outside Lands it may be easy to just hop on your phone and type in best burrito and most likely you’ll be driven to La Taqueria for the best burrito because they got voted best burrito in America….however their burritos don’t have rice! (Their tacos are the best though)

As a San Francisco native I have the “who has the best burrito” conversation regularly and my top choice is always El Farolito!


Wet or Dry? That is the burritos San Francisco

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Influencer: @fooodiemon

Restaurant: @cookshoppesf

Rating: 8/10

Written by: @fodiemon

@cookshoppesf serves the most delicious WET BREAKFAST BURRITO with eggs, sausage, cheddar cheese, potatoes, salsa, sour cream. They have a weekend brunch with so many options and a variety of mimosa options.


If You Prefer Tacos Over Burrito’s, This One’s For You

Influencer: @sanfranciscofoodguide

Restaurant: @alpastorpapi415

Written by: @sanfranciscofoodguide

@alpastorpapi415 cooks up the most authentic Al Pastor tacos in SF! The Al Pastor is cooked on a spit which makes the meat super tender. The meat is then grilled to order, which makes it so nice and crispy. The juicy pineapple and spicy salsa top it off 👌🏽!

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