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We Break It Down By Region of Most Popular Late Night Eateries

Written By: Tamara Philips Late Night Eats in Los Angeles

The best way to cure a hangover is no doubt the intake of incredible amounts of fatty foods. But the question always arises after too many drinks or the morning after when you don’t want to escape the warmth of your new mermaid blanket. With this predicament, the team at Yelp Eat24 has come to the rescue by curating a list of the top restaurants to order late-night favorites—whether pizza, noodles or fries—these guys will ensure the perfect hangover cure makes its way to your doorstep. Keep reading below for the most popular late-night delivery spots in LA (based on on most delivery orders placed between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.) to help prevent the insufferable Super Bowl hangover.



Spring Time in New York Café

The Chicken Parmesan Panini is a must-have. Opt for the onion rings as a side for the ultimate hangover cure combo.


Papi’s Pizzeria

Meat-lovers rejoice! The Butcher Block Pizza is a carnivore’s dream


Braazo Pizza

Because you can never have enough cheesy goodness. Never ever.


Flavors of Thai

Tom Kha Soup and the traditional Pad Thai Noodles are just some of many restaurant favorites.


Spring Street Bar

The Italiana Sandwich paired with potato salad is house favorite filled with three meats and provolone cheese.


Beverly Chicken

Enjoy that chicken kabob and ease yourself into a nap with a full belly of delicious mediterranean food.


Bamboo House

The Spicy Noodles are made using “Mom’s Recipe” for a truly unique and authentic dish.


Juicy Wingz

While the burgers are the most popular items on the menu, Juicy Wingz’s friez are a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Order from a variety of flavors including Buffalo and Maple Bacon.


White House Pizza Café

You can’t go wrong with the White Sauce—the White Pizza is the restaurant’s most popular menu item!


Berri’s Kitchen

Make your own pizza or opt for a salad if you’re feeling like you need some greens to recover.

Los Angeles / West LA / Mid-City

Berri’s Cafe, Beverly Grove

Feeling fancy? Order the lobster pizza. Or if you’re basic, the french fries are bomb too. Either way you’ll get your fix.


Roma Specialty Pizzas, Mar Vista

Hungover but you’re gluten free? No problem. Take a dive into one of their tasty gluten free pizzas.


Zzamong, Koreatown

If you’re in the mood for ethnic food, the Jjajangmyun Night is only available from 9 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. and is easily Zzamong’s most delicious noodle dish.


Pho Shop, West Los Angeles

Spring rolls and pho galore! Be sure to ask for some extra fortune cookies. After last night, you’re probably in need of some good fortune…


Crave Café, Studio City

Whether you pick one of the breakfast paninis or the crepes, you’ll be smiling after this meal.


South Bay / Beach Cities

LAX Diner, Hawthorne

No…this spot in not inside the airport. The cuban sandwich here may cure more than your hangover. Yum!


Pedone’s Pizza & Italian Food, Hermosa Beach

A couple of delicious pizzas to consider include the Mac Cheesy pizza and the Spicy BBQ pizza.

Los Angeles’ Best Late Night Eateries Late Night Eats in Los Angeles