Credit: Knife & Spork PR
Credit: Knife & Spork PR

3 Creative Takes on the Classic Old Fashioned From Craft House’s Bartenders

Meet the Creators of Craft House’s Newest Craft Cocktails

For Southern food with a Californian influence and a view of the sun setting behind the Lantern District archway, there’s no better place to go than Craft House in Dana Point. Locals have flocked to the eatery for years, particularly for Chef Blake Mellgren’s cooking and the incredible bar experience. Not only is the Craft House team serving delicious, sustainably sourced dishes, but they’ve also added three totally unique old fashioneds to the drink menu. Trust us, these aren’t your typical bourbon-and-orange-twist cocktails—from mezcal and jalapeño to rosemary and scotch and bacon and rye, these are drinks you’ll have to see (and taste) to believe. Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipes


Burley Old Fashioned

Made by: Brenden Burley, Bar Manager and Lead Bartender

Knife & Spork PR
Credit: Knife & Spork PR

Ingredients: Cherrywood and charred jalapeno smoked glass, mezcal, housemade Oaxaca bitters, Montenegro
Flavors: Smoky, spicy, smooth

“Old fashioneds aren’t just bourbon and whiskey—they can be anything,” Burley explains. “Mezcal is my favorite [spirit], which is why I made mine with mezcal… It’s not just smoky; it has more flavor and more depth.” In this cocktail, the mezcal offers a soft palate with a touch of vanilla. The Oaxaca bitters lend a unique taste, and the Montenegro is the “secret weapon” that blends it all together. Burley recommends pairing his old fashioned with anything spicy or any Southern dishes on the menu—which Craft House has no shortage of. 

Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipes

Kate’s Old Fashioned

Made by: Kate Clements, Bartender

Ingredients: Blended scotch, honey, black walnut bitters, Angostura bitters, Laphroaig mist, toasted rosemary
Flavors: Herbaceous, warm, peaty

The blended scotch is the star of the show in this old fashioned, and despite this spirit’s intimidating nature, Clements has created a warm and easy-to-drink cocktail with her fellow ladies in mind. “For the longest time, I was the only girl [behind the bar],” she explains. “It was fun making a more feminine old fashioned.” The toasted rosemary meets your nose first, which is followed by a sweet, full-bodied flavor that’s accented by the peatiness of the Laphroaig mist. Clements recommends pairing her concoction with the seasonal squash and sage risotto. “Those flavors go perfectly with [my old fashioned].”

Nate’s Old Fashioned

Made by: Nate Murguia, Lead Bartender

Credit: Knife & Spork PR

Ingredients: Bacon-washed rye whiskey, maple syrup, Angostura bitters, bacon strip, cherry
Flavors: Bold, sweet, savory

For those looking for a sweet and savory twist on the classic old fashioned, this one’s for you. 

“I am a huge pork fanatic, especially when it comes to bacon!” Murguia says. The bacon-washed rye gives the drink a rich mouthfeel, and the sweetness of the maple and cherry complement the saltiness of the bacon beautifully. “I wanted to create a drink that can be enjoyed during a meal or after a meal for dessert with the maple syrup,” he adds. All that and a slice of bacon—what’s not to love? Murguia says that this drink goes best with comfort food flavors like Craft House’s famous meatloaf or the pork T-bone “for the ultimate pork experience.”

Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipes

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