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Meet the Men Behind the Solana Beach Biz

Written By: Sarah Hood
Photographed By: Bhadri Kubendran

Expert: Kris Garrett and Kevin Landie
Credentials: Executive Vice President and CEO, Aran Cucine

Q: How did you first become involved with Aran Cucine and what is your current role in the business?

Kris Garrett: I first became aware of Aran Cucine in late 2015, right when I was in the process of selling another business. I’ve always had a passion for cooking and woodwork, so it seemed like a perfect fit. My current position mostly entails business development, but I do dabble in other aspects of the company such as design, marketing and pricing. I’ve also been involved in developing Aran Cucine’s brand image since it’s still not widely known here in the States.

Q: How you would describe the types of designs that Aran Cucine has to offer its customers?

KG: We have a full suite of designs ranging from ultra-modern and contemporary to traditional, and there are hundreds of finishes that customers can choose from. Our clients generally tend to swing towards one end of the spectrum or the other, but we’ll sometimes incorporate a combination of new and old trends; for example, we might soften up a modern design with a natural finish. Some of the characteristics that you might notice in Aran Cucine’s portfolio are very clean, streamlined styles and paneling within the modern selections and more details and accents in the traditional ones.

Kevin Landie: Everyone loves and recognizes all the design trends that come out of Italy. We are able to offer a innovative designs that meet each client’s needs from traditional to modern to transitional. In other words, Aran looks to customize the kitchen design experience for each client.

Q: Tell me about the background of Aran Cucine.

KG: The company was founded in 1962 by a man called Arandici, and it was family-owned and operated until the early 1990s. The current owner, Renzo Rastelli, started out as a clerk in the accounting department back in the 1980s and has implemented new sales techniques and processes that have made the business more profitable than ever. Over the last 50 years, Aran Cucine has become the largest exporter of Italian cabinetry.

Q: Aran Cucine has imported its cabinets from Italian master craftsmen for over half a century. How involved is the company with the actual design process, and how do the cabinets reflect Italian trends within the world of interior design?

KG: Well, we obviously don’t have much of a say in what our Italian manufacturers sell to the rest of Europe because they have a very specific way of constructing cabinets that they’ve perfected over the years. What we do is keep them up-to-date on design trends stateside and show them what the current U.S. market wants from their products. As for the cabinets themselves, they certainly demonstrate how Italian design emphasizes an efficient use of space since the houses over there are on the small side. These cabinets are designed to maximize storage space and therefore increase the overall value per product.

Q:  What is something that you are excited for in 2018 with Aran Cucine?

KL: So many things!  We are excited to have an Italian designer joining our team at the end of the year, a new kitchen line being released first quarter of 2018, on-boarding an additional member of our team for the contract division, trip to Milan for the bi-annual Euro Cucina show and bringing in an exchange designer from Italy to work with us on designs here in our Solana Beach showroom.  

Design Cred: Aran Cucine is accredited by IQNet Association, Forest Stewardship Council and Quality Austria.

Native Knowledge: Other divisions of the company include Newform Ufficio, which designs office furnishings and Newform Notte, which optimizes closet and bedroom space.

Aran Cucine
118 S Cedros Ave, Ste A
Solana Beach, CA 92075