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Jumpstart Your Career at Vanguard University

Written By: Sarah El-Mahmoud
Photography Provided By: Vanguard University Christian Orange County Colleges

Writing another chapter in your educational story can be an intimidating task. There are piles of factors to consider as you look for a university that best fits both your career ambitions and unique lifestyle. Before drowning yourself in research, you may want to check out Vanguard University, an Orange County private Christian school. Here are five reasons why it may be the perfect fit: 


1| Smells Like School Spirit Christian Orange County Colleges

“Community” is a common thread associated with Vanguard University’s mission. Around 2,200 students are enrolled, and a majority of them live right on campus! This college has dorm life, athletics and a diverse array of clubs. “Our students have rallied together and focused on sharing their different cultures with other students, and that’s really awesome to watch,” says Director of University Marketing Katy Neric.


2| Not A Lonely Number Best Colleges Southern California

A typical college classroom is a packed, large hall where not every raised hand is called upon, and students can often get lost in the shuffle. At Vanguard, however, the university’s average class size is just 21. “It’s not uncommon to walk around campus and see a faculty member meeting one-on-one with students outside class–just talking about life or heading to Starbucks,” Neric says. 


3| Location, Location, Location! Best Colleges Southern California

Orange County is a beautiful and booming region of Southern California. Completing your education in the heart of it—in the city of Costa Mesa—could make all the difference to your future career. Vanguard often invites local leaders and entrepreneurs into their business classes to give lectures and mentor students. When entering the workforce, networking is key;  Vanguard has connections in multiple fields! 

Native Knowledge: Vanguard was the first four-year college in Orange County.

4| A Spiritual Journey Christian Orange County Colleges

While completing your studies at Vanguard, students receive a balanced education in their program of choice and also have the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with God. Its degrees offer co-curricular activities to support Vanguard’s Christian values. The university also offers connections and mentorships with local business owners. For those looking to tie spirituality to their professional passions, they can find solace in Vanguard’s Christian community! 


5| Deep Roots and Growing Branches Christian Orange County Colleges

Vanguard University can also boast a well-established institution, as it will soon have a 100-year history to look back on. The private college continues to thrive and expand, and there’s some especially exciting growth happening around the campus. Vanguard just welcomed its second class of nursing students into its growing program and has a new 35,000-square-foot student center opening on campus in Spring 2020. New students will benefit from the college’s recent strides. 

Native Knowledge: Vanguard will be launching its Centennial Celebration in 2020. 

Vanguard University
55 Fair Dr
Costa Mesa, CA 92626