Island Hotel Luncheon Fundraiser Raises $234, 000

Written By: Alana Aronson Vanguard University Global Center for Women and Justice

On Sept. 17, Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice (GCWJ) hosted The Priceless Luncheon to End Human Trafficking in Newport Beach at the Island Hotel and raised over $234, 000 for the center’s programs that aim to end human trafficking and modern day slavery.

The Global Center for Women and Justice seeks to raise awareness and offer solutions to problems that women and children suffer through. The Priceless Luncheon to End Human Trafficking was an opportunity to highlight just one of the causes Vanguard University supports and researches. On the university’s website, Lieutenant Derek Marsh of the Westminster Police Department appears in a video stating, “I think a lot of people don’t appreciate the scope of human trafficking globally, or locally, ” and continues on to say that domestic trafficking is severely overlooked. Over 350 allies and anti-human trafficking advocates joined together at the luncheon in the hopes of bringing to light just how overlooked the issue of trafficking is, and definitely made a statement.

Attendees from the community included Newport Beach Mayor Diane Dixon, Vice President of Wells Fargo Private Bank and luncheon chair Jasmine Shodja, United States Congressman Ed Royce, California State Senator John Moorlach and Laguna Niguel mayor Laurie Davies, who all showed their support to Vanguard’s efforts to end human trafficking. The esteemed guests and others in attendance were given the opportunity to listen to Dr. Sandra Morgan, the Director of the university’s GCWJ, as she explained Vanguard’s utilization of community programs, education, trainings and scholarships in order to end modern day slavery.

Vanguard University’s programs and groups have lit quite the fire under Orange County and its global neighbors with the intent to make sure everyone is aware of the issue at hand. Live2Free, a student run group at the university, raises awareness by training college students on the issue and educates them on how to slow the train of human trafficking through consumer awareness. Vanguard also offers online anti-human trafficking certificates, which provides, “a comprehensive overview of anti-trafficking efforts”, according to the site. The certificate equips individuals with the ability to take the knowledge they learn into their workplaces and communities and continue fighting modern day slavery. Hands That Heal is another resource available, and gives the organization Caregivers of Trafficking Survivors the tools needed to care for and serve victims of trafficking.

Alongside trainings and advocacy groups, Vanguard offers scholarships to survivors of human trafficking. Many survivors who are cared for by the GCWJ pursue an education at Vanguard University as well as a position with the center that helped them. The $234, 000 raised at the luncheon will go towards further research, education and programming with GCWJ, but it is with donations from program supporters online that the scholarships are able to continue giving survivors direct opportunities within the university.

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Vanguard’s “Priceless Luncheon” Brings Together Community to End Human Trafficking

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