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Photo By Michael Miller / Flickr

“Voltron” is Back—We Went to Comic Con to Find Out Why the New Season Will Be Even Better Than the Last

SDCC Gave Us All the Deets

Written By: Nicole Hakim Voltron Season 7

Many fans know Voltron as a cartoon from the ‘80s, but since its conception, the series has spawned many reboots, including the Netflix original, “Voltron: Legendary Defender.” Premiering in 2016, the show has remained popular since its premiere, with a packed room for San Diego Comic Con’s 2018 panel. After an explosive sixth season, the seventh promises to be even more emotional and actionpacked.

Voltron Season 7

LGBT Representation

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Throughout the series’ first six seasons, fans have expressed interest in LGBT characters. At the panel, executive producer and co-showrunner Lauren Montgomery revealed that Adam—featured in season seven—is Shiro’s significant other. She explains that Shiro means so much to many, and by revealing “that he is a gay man in no way changes his relationships or anything that he has done,” he explained. As expected, social media blew up as fans, many of which are LGBT, expressed their excitement.

Developing Relationships

In season six, the characters saw the Castle of Lions destroyed, and so, the Voltron crew and their friends must rely on the five Lions to get them back to earth. Montgomery says that, because “characters will be in close quarters,” fans can expect Allura to have some fun interactions with Romelle, a fellow Altean thought to have perished long ago. Will it be heartwarming to see Allura connect to a long lost friend, or will there be struggles?


Aliens on Earth

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For the first six season, we have seen the Voltron crew adapt to life on space, but now Coran, Allura and Romelle will find themselves in new territory. In season six, we saw Coran and Allura both fascinated and disgusted about milkshakes, so imagine how they will react to other earthly “customs.” Though this will bring humor, it will also bring seriousness. As Rhys Darby—aka the voice of Coran—said, “Coran is out of his element. He will have difficulties adapting to simple things.” Not only will he be in a new place, he will have to move on from the Castle of Lions’ destruction, a connection to his history and his people. That is enough to make anyone scared!

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