Photo By Ryan Hensley
Photo By Ryan Hensley

Who’s Your Favorite Foodie in Los Angeles?

The Food And Drinks Posted Are Good, But These Foodies Are Better

Written By: Kaitlynn Labit Favorite Los Angeles Foodie

Corey Marshall of Miss Foodie Problems

My favorite go to food is usually pizza or pasta, though I’ve really been enjoying fried chicken sandwiches recently. If I need to make something quick at home it will be something involving PB&J (this one is true nostalgic, comfort food for me). I’m also a huge fan of cornbread (random, I know) and dessert in most forms. I am a huge advocate of trying anything and everything at least once. I love most cuisines, but my go-tos tend to stem back to things I enjoyed as a kid at home! My passion for food and sharing about it stemmed from my childhood: my mom was always cooking up something (plus she always made the big feasts for holidays) and my dad packed me a lunch for school every single day until I went off to college, complete with heartfelt a note.”


Favorite Los Angeles Foodie

Kathy Patalsky of HealthyHappyLife

My go-to food is 100 percent cliché, and I’m okay with that… avocado toast. And for dinner time, I am always up for a cozy pasta night and Matcha lattes and vegan breakfast sandwiches in the morning. My job of sharing recipes via my blog, social and cookbooks is super rewarding for me because I love getting anyone and everyone to try plant-based meals. To basically eat more plants, every week. The absolute best feeling for me is when someone calls one of my recipes their go-to favorite.”



Caroline Pardilla of Caroline on Crack

It’s hard to name just one go-to cocktail as I usually order the specialty of any bar I visit to get a sense of the place. But most likely it would be something bitter and sweet like a Jungle Bird or stirred like a Fifty Fifty or Manhattan. Why I share cocktails and bars on my Instagram? I love spotlighting the innovative, fun, delicious cocktails bartenders are doing nowadays.”



Nastassia Johnson Of Let Me Eat Cake

My favorite food beyond the obvious cake (my namesake) is donuts. I’m donut obsessed and my favorite place to enjoy them in LA is Sidecar Doughnuts.

I’ve always been passionate about sharing food and in particular, desserts. I’ve been a dessert lover for as long as I can remember and it was always a treat growing up finding or enjoying new sweets with my mom. I love being able to share my love of desserts with others via my blog or Instagram.”



Evi Aki of Ev’s Eats

My favorite go to food? So hard to choose! I usually go for junk food, but if I had to pick one it would be TACOS! Why I love food? Cooking for someone and sharing a meal with them is my love language. I love to cook and explore different flavors and cuisines, and to share that with people makes me extremely happy. Food for me is love, and I want people to be able to eat and visit the the places that I go to!”



Jennifer Yu of Miss Piggie Eats

“My go to food is any type of foods with noodles.  I’m obsessed with noods! I have been super passionate about food ever since I can remember. I grew up with my mom who is an amazing cook and I remember always being so interested in different types of cuisines growing up. I love sharing my passion for food with my followers and showing different types of cuisines and cultures through my food posts!”



Leah Bergmann of Freutcake

“My favorite go-to food is definitely tacos, guacamole and margaritas! It’s an easy dinner to make at home and homemade guac is hard to beat. If I have time I like to prep these Crockpot Shredded Beef tacos, they are incredible. My love for making and sharing food has always been about feeding and nurturing my family. Now that I’m a mom of twins, my view of food has changed and I hope that my recipes will inspire others to cook easy and delicious meals for their family as well! I love nothing more than to see my readers making my recipes for their families. It’s pretty much the best job ever.”


Ben and Lisa Waters of L.A. Foodie

“Our go to food — delicious burgers! L.A. Foodie was born as a passion project to show our fellow Angelenos the classic restaurants that made this city what it is today. Over time, we’ve grown to love exploring all the amazing food Los Angeles has to offer. With the mixture of cultures and everyone striving to create the next foodie sensation, there’s really no place like it!”



Lindsey Baruch of Lindsey Eats LA

“Favorite go-to food: Anything Thai food (in LA my favorite is Night + Market) and sushi (favorite in LA is Shunji)!  I’m passionate about sharing restaurants and recipes because it’s a form of creative expression for me. I’ve always loved photography, and growing up, I always loved cooking and eating at restaurants—  it was a match made it heaven to be able to combine the two! Whenever I want to feel inspired, I’ll look at some of my favorite instagram accounts and I feel instantly uplifted and this is the same vision I want for the people that look at my feed; to be instantly uplifted and inspired by the colorful imagery, food photography and styling, unique recipes and all around positive vibe.”


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