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You Voted: Here Are Your Favorite Facialists in Santa Monica

Get the 411 on Skin Care From These Experts

Written By: Aubrey Freitas Facialists in Santa Monica

The first official day of summer this year was June 20th, so the sun, sweat and vacation planning are in full effect. With all of these fun and hectic events taking place, it’s important to remember to step back from it all and make some time for yourself, like a girls/boys night, or a much needed bubble bath or maybe even get a facial. If this latter seems right up your alley, I’ve got some good news for you! Not too long ago we held a poll on our website that allowed readers to vote for their favorite esthetician in Santa Monica, and now we’re going to get to know a little bit more about the winners. If you weren’t sure how to keep yourself looking cool and refreshed for the summer, maybe this will help you decided to get your first facial, or, for you frequenters, inspire you to schedule an appointment with someone new.


Elyse Shelger at Skin Laundry

Q: How does it feel to be voted as one of the favorite facialists in Santa Monica?

Elyse Shelger: I was so grateful and honored to simply be selected and recognized alongside so many impressive industry professionals: extremely experienced estheticians, fellow nurses and even a PhD chemist—so cool! To see Skin Laundry at the top of the poll is incredibly rewarding for our entire team and company. While we have grown to now 18 clinics globally, Santa Monica is where it all began just four years ago! I’m so thankful to my company for their undying support, LOCALE for this experience and recognition, the people of Santa Monica for their passion for skincare and all of the other facialists helping people feel good and glow inside and out.

Q: What is your motto at Skin Laundry?

ES: At Skin Laundry, we have a couple of mottos that I love. One is ‘California Vibe in a New York Minute’—our innovative two-step facial only takes 15 minutes. It is incredible how effective it is, yet super quick and easy with no downtime! Another motto is ‘Deep cleans skin every time, dramatically improves skin over time’—our laser and light facial vaporizes dirt, oil, toxins and dead skin cells, giving you a deep professional clean and a healthy glow with every single treatment. The long-lasting benefits are cumulative, so with each facial you are boosting collagen and breaking down pigment, evening the tone, texture and clarity of your skin.

Q: What would you tell someone who was thinking about getting a facial for the first time?

ES: My best advice is to ask questions. Make sure the clinic or spa you are visiting knows what your concerns are, and knows what to recommend for your skin. Ask what to expect afterwards and how long you should wait before your next facial. Make sure you are using a good at home regimen. At Skin Laundry, I always recommend the right products for each individual based on their skin concerns and what type of skin they have. Just like exercise, having a personal trainer will not yield results if you are eating junk food at home. Finally, let your facialist know if you have any allergies so certain products and ingredients can be safely avoided.

Q: How did you get started in the business, and when was your own first facial experience?

ES: My very first facial ever was probably in my teens. I always cared about my skin and took care of my skin but Skin Laundry is the first thing that truly improved my skin. I have been a nurse for five years. Before Skin Laundry, I was working full time in pediatric and neonatal critical care at Stanford Children’s Hospital (Palo Alto) and part time at Serenity Med Spa in San Francisco. The med spa was like Disneyland compared to the emotional and intense environment of critical care. One year ago, I moved to southern California and stumbled across Skin Laundry unexpectedly. After my first Skin Laundry facial, I was hooked, and became a client. It wasn’t until later that I joined the company as a nurse.

Q: What is your favorite skin care product?

ES: My favorite skin care product at the moment is my ‘pre-cleanse.’ I have been able to keep breakouts away by pre-cleansing with our 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil (a combo of tea tree oil, macadamia nut oil, and jojoba oil) prior to using a gentle foaming face wash and toner. The 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil works best when applied to dry skin, to melt away any makeup or oil on your skin allowing your face wash ingredients to better penetrate. It makes my skin feel so soft and even removes eye makeup easily.

1230 Montana Ave, Ste 101
Santa Monica, CA 90403


J Garner of Honeysuckle Skincare

Q: How does it feel being voted one of Santa Monica’s favorite facialists?

J Garner: It’s exciting—I am thrilled my clients have trusted me with their skin and are happy about sharing their experiences at Honeysuckle with others.


Q: How do you feel about DIY/home facials, are there any that you recommend giving a try for a quick pick me up?

JG: I don’t often recommend DIY facials, as I believe customized skincare is best but a Manuka honey mask on clean skin is great way to feel refreshed and to tone the skin.

Q: What is the motto of Honeysuckle Skincare?

JG: ‘Build a strong foundation and achieve amazing skin’ and ‘Amazing skin comes from a strong foundation.’  

Q:  What is the best thing that people can be doing now to maintain healthy skin in the future?

JG: Drink water, get as much sleep as you can and wear a hat!

626 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Sara Turbeville of SKIN Santa Monica

Q: How do you feel about being named one of Santa Monica’s favorite facialists?

Sara Turbeville: It’s an affirmation of the love I put into my work, and I’m grateful and honored to get some back!

Q: Do you think facials are more of a special occasion/”Treat yo self” type of activity, or do you think they could be worked into people’s weekly/monthly routines?

ST: Either! It depends on skin condition, motivation and (let’s be real here), budget. I work within these parameters to determine the best plan of action for each client.

Q: What is the most common response your clients make after they get a facial. How do they say it makes them feel?

ST: ‘Wow, it looks amazing! I can’t believe this is really my skin, I’m absolutely thrilled!’

Their sheer joy is contagious and makes me incredibly happy. Having healthy, glowing skin on the outside creates an inner feeling state of greater self-confidence. Unsurprisingly, this can have a powerful effect on the way one moves through a day, and thus through life. Never underestimate the power of a fabulous esthetician!

Q: Any pro tips?

ST: Stubborn acne tends to be the highest-maintenance skin type. Dermatologists who refer patients to me for adjunct treatments to their own acne protocols agree that frequent, regular clearing of congested pores maintains clearer skin. It also provides an easier pathway for topical products to reach their target. It’s all about getting and staying one step ahead of under-the-surface potential breakouts. For aging and/or UV damage, I may recommend bi-weekly or monthly facials. At a certain point I might suggest more assertive facials or peels, done less often. I switch up treatment modalities in a very specific manner. Over time, this customized  ‘cross training’ method usually yields some spectacular results. For those with already-good complexions I recommend a bare minimum of three to four facials per year.

3118 Wilshire Blvd, Ste G
Santa Monica, CA 90403


Tanya Radulovich of Tanya Skincare

Q: How does it feel being voted one of Santa Monica’s favorite facialists?

Tanya Radulovich: It feels wonderful! With my job, I try to make people feel happy and confident in their skin, and it feels great to be recognized for it by my hometown!

Q: How often would you recommend getting a facial?

TR: Once a month, if you can.

Q:  What do you think makes someone’s facial experience special, memorable and enjoyable?

TR: Feeling comfortable. Getting a facial is a very personal experience and I feel you have to be completely open in allowing yourself to relax and check out.

2518 Main St
Santa Monica, CA


Margaret Tomaszewicz of European Skin and Massage Studio

Q: What is your favorite skin care product or recommendation?

Margaret Tomaszewicz: I am partial to my own WODA, European Natural Skin Care. After working with many skin care products over the years, I realized that I did not find skin care that I loved completely. Some products have chemicals or artificial scents, some are good just for one skin type but not for all, some are just hyped by celebrities and did not produce results they promised, and some are just overpriced. I joke with my clients that if I buy one ounce cream that is priced over $100, I expect to look 10 years younger by the next day. I tell my clients to always look at the list of ingredients on the label, and if you can’t pronounce them, or if the active ingredient is at the bottom of the list, do not buy that product. WODA products are based on my long research and I use only the best quality, organic and natural ingredients that produce results for all skin types. And, as I believe in keeping our planet beautiful, for every product sold in my studio or on my Amazon site, I plant a tree through the organization One Tree Planted.

Q: What is your own motto for skincare, or the motto of European Skincare and Massage?

MT: My motto for my WODA European Natural Skin Care and for European Skin and Massage Studio is to provide the best and personalized European style treatments, combined with the newest technology (LED lights, Oxygen, Micro Current, and many more). I believe that every woman or man deserves to feel and look beautiful. That is why I offer ‘affordable luxury’ to all of my clients. Relax, feel good and look great!

Q: What can clients do to make the most out of their facial experience?

MT: Relaxation is so important. Sometimes facials are not about skin care problems, but just simply receiving a healing touch of facial, neck, shoulders and head massage. My facial treatments are to help clients relax. We live in a fast paced word. We face too much information and stress, so when going for a facial, please allow enough time to arrive and park so you are not rushed. When you arrive, communicate with your facialist about what is the most important reason you are there. And turn off your phone—you deserve and hour for yourself to relax!

Q: Any pro tips?

MT: For a busy person who likes to keep it simple, the most important part of a skin care routine is to use a good cleanser, zinc based sunscreen and a night cream. Also, if they can, use active serum, eye cream, an exfoliator and a mask.

1333 2nd Ave, Ste 100
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Expert Skin Care Tips From the Pro Facialists in Santa Monica

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