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One Bite of These Belgian-Style Waffles and Eggo Will Never Hit Your Shopping Cart Again.

Written By: Marie Spada Waffle You Waiting For? Grab a Bite at Waffle Affair

W A F F L E /// No More. The Waffle Affair’s Sweet & Savory Waffles are Mouth-Wateringly Delicious.
When you think of waffles, what do you envision? If you’re like most of America, you probably picture a wheat cake with a grid design, syrup and toppings galore. But what if I told you not all waffles require toppings? What if I said there is a place where the flavor is in the batter, and even though you can add toppings, they really aren’t necessary? Mind. Blown.

At the Waffle Affair in Newport Beach you can experience waffle heaven. The Waffle Affair was born when a group of professional women from Newport Beach took a trip to Belgium and discovered that not all waffles are created equal. These hand-held delights came in sweet and savory flavors, were sold on the street and in restaurants, and were enjoyed all day, not just for breakfast. After falling in love with the concept, the women came home and quickly brought their experience to Newport.

The Waffle Affair offers waffles with flavor cooked into the batter, so toppings aren’t necessary, though they offer everything from Nutella to cream cheese to ice cream to smear all over your waffle. Often, the toppings are discarded after the first bite of waffle, because each waffle is amazing all on its own. The Waffle Affair offers sweet and savory waffles, with a rotating list of specials. The most popular sweet options are chocolate chip, coconut, carrot cake and vanilla, but you absolutely have to try the current seasonal flavor, pumpkin. A gingerbread waffle is coming soon for the holidays, and it’ll be a game changer. The Waffle Affair also rotates weekend specials with flavors like red velvet, bananas foster, earl gray tea, orange marmalade and lemon. If you’re looking for more of an oozy-gooey salty choice, then try the prosciutto and gruyere waffle, which has the meat and cheese baked into this delicious treat. If bite-sized waffles sound like your thing, try the Bits and Dips, which is essentially a play on pigs in a blanket. These waffle morsels are filled with sausage or a hot dog and come with syrup and mustard dipping sauce. They’ve also added a sausage and Vermont cheddar option to the Bits and Dips. For those on the hunt for the perfect gluten-free waffle, the Waffle Affair bakes a delicious gluten-free corn cake waffle, which tastes amazing on its own and is the perfect vehicle for delicious toppings. If you’re feeling extra decadent, try a waffle ice cream sandwich or a cannoli with a crispy waffle shell. Of course, as the inspiration for the shop came from Belgium, they also offer traditional Belgian and liege waffles, which are an absolute must-try.

After you eat one of these incredible creations, you will surely be wanting more. I highly suggest visiting the Waffle Affair during its happy hour from 1 to 4 p.m. daily. During this magical waffle window, waffles are all buy one get one free, which is the perfect way to chase your savory waffle treat with a sweet waffle, like red velvet with cream cheese frosting. One of the lesser-known, but equally as delicious facts about the Waffle Affair is the incredible espresso bar. Here, you can try something from a wide variety of latte options, like a honey and lavender latte. With a constantly rotating list of beverages, these drinks are the perfect complement to your waffle meal. Hot, cold and ice-blended beverages are all available. The Waffle Affair is also available for catering, and is the perfect option for social events, office parties or as a fun addition to any of your upcoming holiday soirees!

Native Knowledge: The Waffle Affair can be booked for private parties, such as tea-parties, bachelorette parties, and dessert parties!

The Waffle Affair

1064 Bayside Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660
949.720.8155 |

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