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This New Irvine Food Hall is a Foodie’s Paradise

Written By: Gabrielle Abenoja TRADE Food Hall

Nestled within the depths of Irvine’s corporate jungle is TRADE. Long awaited, and definitely a fast favorite among locals, Orange County’s newest food hall is host to trendy foodie favorites like Pig Pen Delicacy and Dos Chinos, along with new favorites Two Birds, Butterleaf, Megadon, Gyro King, Sweet Combforts and more.


Pig Pen Delicacy

Where there is a foodie hall, there is Pig Pen Delicacy! The eatery is dedicated to bringing “swine to a whole new level.” There are no complaints from us. Pig Pen Delicacy can do no wrong, especially with hits like their Crispy Pork Belly Sliders and MacAttack Burger.


Dos Chinos

A familiar face to the SoCal scene, Dos Chinos is ready to rock your world with their Latin and Vietnamese fusion fare. Tacos, rice bowls, burritos your way, each laced with a magical love affair between Latin and Vietnamese spices and preparation.


Two Birds

Bird In The Hand; a sandwich that not only boasts simplicity in it’s ingredients (cornmeal bun, pickle slaw, tiger sauce), but turns heads while being carried across the patio. Try any of the dishes, with an emphasis on technique, quality and flavor, the ingredients are few, but the taste is incredible and the happy feeling in your tummy after? Well, that’s just irreplaceable.



Plant based and delicious. Consider Butterleaf to be the gateway to sneaking vegetables into your everyday routine. Try their bowls with your choice of fresh veggies, protein, delicious sauces or make it a wrap!



Jumping in on the fusion party, Megadon has a little bit of everything our tastebuds crave: Latin, Asian, Mexican and Hawaiian. Try their poke bowls! They’re non-traditional, tasty, and Insta-friendly. Protein (shrimp, ahi tuna, salmon and…roasted beets? Sure, why not!) cuddling up to some colorful, freshly diced fruit and veggies atop a soft bed of white rice. Megadon is a delight.

Gyro King

Here for your authentic Mediterranean needs, Gyro King’s gyro meat is expertly seasoned and traditionally prepared rotisserie style. Carved and served to perfection alongside hot french fries and the lightest tzatziki sauce to have ever hit your palate, Gyro King is a burst of flavor with each bite.


Sweet Combforts

Our sweet tooth prayers have been answered—our favorite little pocket waffle is finally here! Insta-famously decorated and tasty, this waffle-pop is drizzled with a variety of sweet toppings that will make your tastebuds swoon.



When you’re craving the simplicity of seafood classics that are freshly prepared, head on over to Portside. Try the classics, one of the bowls or opt for the tried and true Fish n’ Chips because nothin’ beats a crispy-on-the-outside, flaky on the inside textured fried fish alongside well-seasoned fries.


Center Hub Bar

People of Irvine, this is going to be your new hot spot. Cocktails offered are a pleasant twist on classic favorites. More of a beer person? Try any one of their 10 craft beers they have on tap for a cold and refreshing delight. Or if you’d like a glass of wine, or two, try their hand-picked selection of wines.


TRADE Food Hall
2222 Michelson Dr.
Irvine, CA 92612
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