Photography by: Damien Noble Andrews
Photography by: Damien Noble Andrews

The Wait is Over! Crack Shack is Now Open in Costa Mesa

Chicken, Chicken and More Chicken is Awaiting You

Written By: Sarah Amaral
Photography by Noble Andrews Crack Shack Costa Mesa

Gracing Costa Mesa with its presence, the ever-popular Crack Shack is sure to take Orange County by storm with its stellar architecture, killer menu and a rockin’ bar you’ll never want to leave. With the mastermind behind the menu being “Top Chef” winner, Richard Blais, it’s easy to imagine the menu will blow your mind.  

From the second you walk into the two-story wonder, there is fun to be had around every corner.  At the preview Nov. 17, there was everything from cornhole games to photo booths with crazy props. It also didn’t take long for the smell of the food to leave your mind whirring and looking for the first possible opportunity to taste these infamous Crack Shack creations. From chicken oysters (Chef Blais’ favorite) and deviled eggs to their signature fried chicken sandwich, “Coop Deville,” there really was a bite perfected for every palate.

“I’m really proud of the products that we serve,” said Director of Operations Dan Pena. “We decided to go completely against the grain and provide the highest-grade chicken that we possibly could and [create] an inviting setting with a full bar program.” The inspiration behind Crack Shack is that chicken is no longer a coveted menu item, and the creators wanted to change. Since the opening of their first location in San Diego, they have experienced nothing but success… and are hinting at many locations to come!

“We opened our first Crack Shack and ran out of chicken…people really loved it that much,” said Chef Blais. “We feel very blessed and excited to be here.” Along with his killer culinary skills, Chef Blais aspires for Crack Shack to become a place where people can come and experience delicious food with top-tier service that will leave guests eager for their return.   

“One of the best parts of this all is the service,” said guest Regan Wolfley. “The servers were all so personable I felt like I was at a family party.” And that is one characteristic of Crack Shack that Blais prides himself on, “It’s a family-friendly place that serves better-for-you products with a chef-driven mentality,” said Chef Blais. “Bring the family in, have a good time and enjoy some delicious food.”

The restaurant ‘re-cooped’ over the weekend after the whirlwind of events, and it’s doors are now officially open for business starting Monday, Nov. 20. Don’t miss out on this world-class menu that tastes like dining with royalty, but doesn’t break the bank to make it happen.

We’ll say, “cluck yes!” to that one.  

Native Knowledge: Crack Shack recently ventured out of chicken and added a delicious tuna burger to their menu, known as the Sea Señorita. Don’t miss out on this one because it was definitely a crowd pleaser!

Crack Shack
196 East 17th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Chicken Lovers Unite! Crack Shack is Now Open in Costa Mesa

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