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The Doctors at Wave Share Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Youth

Written By: Isabella Cook
Photographed By: Akin Odebunmi Preventative Cosmetic Procedures

Wrinkles, sunspots and old age—oh my! In a world where everyone keeps on aging, it seems like our focus is always less on growing older and more about looking younger. With facilities like Wave Plastic Surgery, just about everyone can nip and tuck their way into a more youthful visage. But what are the more preventative procedures and tricks for maintaining your looks while avoiding the need for major plastic surgery? The surgeons at Wave Plastic Surgery can answer that with their five preventative care tips!


1 | Get Started Now! Preventative Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Denise Wong

The first tip to trick the aging process comes from Dr. Denise Wong, who says, “The most important thing is to start early and be proactive!” The younger you are when you start taking preventative measures, the better the outcome will be. That means even 20-somethings should start applying sunscreen, drinking the proper amount of water and having a facial care routine ASAP.

Native Knowledge: One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to protecting themselves from the sun is thinking that sunblock is enough. Unless you’re applying it every couple of hours, try to stick to the shade.


2 | SelfCare is Key Preventative Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Jonathan Shifren

It’s hard to look your best when you’re constantly fighting your own body. That’s why Dr. Johnathan Shifren’s main advice for preventative care is to take time for self-care. He says, “The easiest and most basic way is to avoid the sun—especially in SoCal.” Otherwise, Dr. Shifren suggests weight maintenance and exercise to keep your body in the best working order.

Native Knowledge: Collagen supplements are all the rage right now, but what if there was a simpler solution? Oh wait, there is! Jello also contains collagen, and the flavor and price point are much better.


3 | Hormone Therapy Preventative Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Ben Lee

According to Dr. Ben Lee, hormone therapy is a stellar way to maintain or regain that youthful glow. By supplementing with hormones, Dr. Lee says you can actually “trick your body into being younger.” This trick is extra effective for people entering their fifth decade, since that’s when natural hormones tend to decline.

4 | Preventative Botox

Dr. Peter Lee

If you’ve considered botox at any point, it might actually be best to get it done sooner than later. According to Dr. Peter Lee, preventative botox at an earlier age can help ease the muscles and reduce wrinkles later in life. “You look younger because the muscles get used to lack of motion,” Dr. Lee explains.


5 | Don’t Wait ’Til It’s Too Late!

Dr. Deniz Gocken

Dr. Deniz Gocken suggests approaching cosmetic alterations in increments as opposed to waiting until things are too far gone. Not only is this method more gentle on the body, but it also makes alterations less noticeable when they’re done. “People have to anchor your age to something other than how you look,” says Dr. Gocken, “so be timeless.”


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