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Guest Blogger: Tailored Tantrums

Finally the rain has come and we have definitely needed it! Two of my favorite things to do when it rains is to jump in muddy puddles (standard) and layer. So I chose a tee, sweater, vest, scarf and some cool boots. My favorite water proof boots. Even while avoiding the down pour you can still look stylish, but try to avoid the down pour. HA! My sweater is also throwing a shout out to the rain with a million little hearts.

 When dressing for rainy weather I try to stick with fabrics that will keep heat in and moisture out. Wool and Polyester are two amazing fibers that do just that.  However with the California sun shining and the sky raining I prefer lighter under layers, similar to a cotton long sleeve paired with a warm insulated vest. I have major issues with having to take my jacket off and on when getting in and out of a car, walking in and out of a store, and so on. Bonus: Sleeveless allows you to keep cool and free from having to lug around a coat, after all your hands will be needed for that umbrella you will be carrying. Flannel shirts are also a great way to keep warm and can double as a jacket. Simply wrap around your waist for that- just-in-case moment. But make sure to keep your look pulled together and if possible find a fun leopard print boot or scarf to bring some holiday cheer.

I purchased my warm snow boots last season and had only worn them once but since they were begging to be worn again I obliged….your welcome. I chose not to wear the traditional “rain boot” but wanted a more rugged look. They bring a bit of utilitarian cool while everything else adds a bit of sweetness.

What will you be wearing in the rain?

Sweater by Press from Adrift | Jeans by Hudson | Boots by Rugged Exposure | Infinity scarf by Merona | White Puffer Vest by Old Navy

 what to wear in the rain