Fresh Faces in Fashion From All Over The World Showcase Their Talent in La Jolla

Written By: Ariana Velazquez Fashion Week San Diego 2016
Photographed By: Alicen Reynolds and Aysia Norris Fashion Week San Diego 2016

Fashion Week San Diego is, as of this year, an officially proclaimed event that happens every first week of October. Taking the city by storm and offering insight into a world not always given attention here, Fashion Week San Diego is growing by leaps and bounds not only in it’s efforts to bring light to talent right under our noses but also from around the globe.

The event was hosted by Jeff Krapf and Jodi Kodesh at Hotel La Jolla, along with founder Allison Andrews in partnership with local businesses. Twenty-six designers were presented overall showcasing their collections on a classic runway over two nights in a tropical setting quintessential to San Diego. We’ve got all the highlights and what you need to know about the trending styles shown on the runway this past weekend.

Fashion Week San Diego 2016

Opening Night: Thursday

Where better to start the weekend of festivities than where fashion and art collide at the Shane Bowden gallery. With his version of contemporary pop-art, Bowden has found a Warhol-esque way to immortalize the iconic fashion designers of our time and the other luxurious brands that support a similar lifestyle, including but not limited to Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dom Perignon and Lamborghini. The gallery was the height of perfection in creating an atmosphere to get Fashion Week devotees in the mood for what was to come.

Alongside the magnificent art-works of Shane Bowden were statue-like models showcasing Pullin undergarments and highlighting hair and makeup artistry by Detour Salon and Bellus Academy. Detour Salon and Kevin Murphy hosted live hair demos on models that were representative of the hair trends being seen at Fashion Weeks across the world. This year, hair trends are leaning towards attainability and embracing natural textures. It was emphasized that designers want it to appear as though the model could have done the style herself. No muss, no fuss.

For the first time, guests were also able to experience the Spring Showcase in virtual reality. Passage Productions, partnered with Fashion Week San Diego to create an experience like never before and let me tell you, it was amazing. Their special cameras, which record 360 degrees put you in the moment and let you experience anything from an event to a movie as if you were there. It was a great way to show how fashion and technology are growing together. We foresee it as being the best way to avoid experiencing FOMO in the future.

Runway Night One: Friday

The first night was opened with a Fashion Week San Diego tradition, the Haute Dog Fashion Show. Male models strut down the runway holding precious puppies up for adoption. In partnership with the Rancho Coastal Humane Society, proceeds from the cash bar were donated to helping their cause and animals just like the ones seen on the runway. The looks to come down the runway next weren’t as furry per se but just as sweet.

With a background in bridal wear, Odd Bird Designs, was giving off a mix between Barbie and 50s house mom style vibes. The ready-to-wear line featured sequins, tulle, feathers, gingham, lace and classic silhouettes. We can best describe this collection as the ‘would-be’ wardrobe of Taylor Swift circa 2006. It was sweet, feminine and totally wearable for the girl who is willing to take some whimsical risks.

Another showstopper from the first night was Luis Rivas . The FAB Authority Award winner showed for the first time at FWSD and left the crowd in awe. Not only is he a young designer but his approach to women’s contemporary fashion that infuses classic silhouettes with bright, avant-garde patterns and textures makes you believe the future of fashion is in his hands. With a Chanel inspired tweed dress that we could see Elle Woods wearing and a full iridescent sequin dress apropos to the Weird Hues movement this collection speaks to the fashionista inside everyone and makes wearing a crushed velvet empire waist gown to prom sound like the best decision ever!

Fashion Week San Diego 2016

Runway Night Two: Saturday

Hard to believe anything could top the first night of runway shows but as guests took their seats for the last 13 designers, anticipation hung in the air. Cocktails in hand, the night began with another dog themed extravaganza. This time from blogger and designer The Stylish Bisou. This line speaks to every style concerned dog mom and her sweet pooch. Two-piece, crop and skirt pairings in an array of colors and prints made up much of the collection, on the human side. As for the celeb pups making their runway debuts, they were dressed to the nines in everything from casual to formal wear, jewelry and bowties included. The pastel color palette and Parisian feminine chic foundation made for a wonderfully put together collection.

On a more edgy note, designer Yuliya, who showed her first collection at FWSD this year, constructed wearable and fashion forward garments using fine fabrics like silk, cotton, linen and cashmere. Styled to a “T” would be the best way to sum up this particular showcase. Each look was paired perfectly and the continuity in the line as a whole was very apparent. Strung together by Parisian sophistication and the idea of black as a neutral, the hints of elevated 90s streetwear made for an unexpected delight. As for classification, it could be thrown into the category of bringing back maximalism in the same chic way that we have seen Gucci doing in recent seasons.

Night two also boasted the best of menswear. On two opposite ends were VaughnBerry, who embraces androgyny and the unexpected, and Albert Ray whose collection made effortless style for men seem oh-so attainable. The VaughnBerry collection featured silks, knits and electric blues and bright orange hues that you may not typically expect for a man, but the tailoring and styling is what brought this line into the limelight. As for Albert Ray, with metallic gold sneaker soles and graphic tees with meaningful messages, like ‘End Racism’, made the neutral color palette and everyday streetwear really came to life in a new way.

Final Day of Events: Sunday

On the fourth and final day of events for Fashion Week San Diego, attendees were directed back to last year’s venue, the La Valencia Hotel, for the annual trunk show and awards ceremony. The trunk show is a wonderful opportunity for anyone, including hotel guests and passersby, to join in on the fun. With tickets at just $15, it is quite a steal to see these works of art up-close and personal. The truly wonderful thing about the trunk show is giving the designers the opportunity to meet their customers face to face, get feedback and make connections with real people who will ultimately be the ones purchasing their designs.

After two hours of mingling, drinking and, of course, shopping guests were directed to make their way to the ceremony. Set outside in the midst of La Valencia’s ocean view patio area there was reminiscing over the last few days of events which finally led to the awards. The awards ceremony is something unique and defining to Fashion Week San Diego specifically. The entire organization is aware of the impact they have on the careers of the designers they foster and with the awards they are able to make an even bigger difference in the journey of these designers. Winners in the designer category are picked by the show-goers as a ‘people’s choice’ and awarded with a Business Package to aid them in growing their business. This year’s first place winner was Territa Torres, a designer who worked her way to the top coming in 3rd place last year. Her collection this season was bold and empowering. Using lace, fringe and taking risks with slits and baroque details she was able to create a chicness that every woman wants to exude. And with that, the festivities came to a close.

Being in San Diego, the climate for the fashion industry is different, but the great thing about this event is the support it offers to its designers and the part that it takes in giving back to the community while being fashionable. With that, we hope to see you at next year’s events, trust us, they just keep getting bigger and better. You don’t want to miss out.

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Highlights from San Diego’s Most Fashionable Week

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