Where to Eat, Drink, and Adventure With a Bay Area Local

Laurel Shaffer Describes 7 Days of Bay Area Bliss

Expert: Laurel Shaffer Adventure With a Bay Area Local
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I like to set myself up for a successful and healthy week. My days can get extremely busy and full, so it’s great to fall back on some super nutrient dense organic juices from Urban Remedy. They open at 8 a.m., and are already fully stocked with my favorites: Soothe and Slender Greens! Adventure With a Bay Area Local



I’m lucky enough to have our Laurel Whole Plant Organics studio located right on the San Francisco Bay Trail. I love biking to work on the trail when I’m able to. When I’m not able to bike on it to work, I at least step out for a quick walk each day. With the breathtaking views of the water and Mt. Tam, it’s truly the best way to get a little sunshine.


I don’t love cooking breakfast every morning, but I do need to eat a full and healthy breakfast each morning in order to have a productive day. CIBO is my absolute favorite for this: local organic farm eggs, fresh avocado on house-baked bread – and the best latte in Sausalito. Adventure With a Bay Area Local



Thursday is my favorite day to be at our bustling Laurel Whole Plant Organics Studio.  Production is in full-swing, smells of flowers, woods and resins are all around as each bottle is hand filled to perfection. Our esthetician is in on Thursdays too, so it’s very Zen as clients come and go from facials; floating away on a cloud of relaxation, leaving with a bottle of organic goodness fresh off the production counter. Adventure With a Bay Area Local



FISH market in Sausalito is a staple for me. There is truly no one so dedicated to sustainable fishing. They have lots of healthy options for lunch, but their fish and chips are my absolute favorite. Even though they are hidden in an industrial area, there is usually a line around the building, so it’s good that I like to have an early lunch at 11 a.m. to beat the crowds! Adventure With a Bay Area Local



Saturday is for exploring!  My husband and I love to use this day to travel around the Bay, and a favorite destination of ours has been Homestead Oakland. They make fresh beignets every twenty minutes or so that are just heavenly with a cup of coffee. After that we head over to Redwood Park in Oakland to work off those extra beignets!



A day of rest is super important to me, and there is no better place for one than Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary. It is a bit of a drive into the secluded countryside of Sonoma, but it is so worth that feeling of seclusion and being a long distance from the buzz of the city. Partake in an Enzyme Cedar Bath and a massage in one of their private Pagodas and finish with a walk in the Meditation GardenAdventure With a Bay Area Local

Monday to Sunday In the Bay Area With Laurel Whole Plant Organics

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