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Where to Go to Enjoy Some Whiskey in San Diego

Written By: Nicole Fera

There’s nothing like enjoying a glass of whiskey after a long day and warming up the part of your soul that only this dark brown liquor can. I’ve been a whiskey girl since the first time my best friend handed me a glass of Jameson on ice, and I laughed in her face thinking that there was no way I’d ever enjoy it. A few harsh sips in and suddenly I found myself at the bottom of the glass wanting more. If you have a similar love of the drink or are looking to expand your drinking range and jump on the whiskey bandwagon, then these San Diego hotspots are where you need to visit. Some of them might even be places you didn’t even know existed. Whiskey in San Diego

OB Noodle House

2218 Cable St
San Diego, CA 92107
619.450.6868 |

If you are lucky enough to live in San Diego, then I would hope that you would have had the pleasure of dining at OB Noodle House. This restaurant is such a big staple in the Ocean Beach community and cranks out some amazing noodle bowls that are always just what you’re hoping they will be. Although their noodles are what will draw you in, there is something else that they’re doing right that you might not even be aware of. Whiskey! These are two of my favorite things in the world paired right under one amazing roof: good carbs and great booze. The bar at this hot spot, Bar 1502, has quite an impressive selection of whiskey for a place that is more commonly known for their noodles. Their menu features straight bourbon whiskey, small batch, Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky, Canadian whiskey, American white whiskey, rye whiskey, scotch whiskey and blended. Enjoy any of these choices alone or have them whip you up an Old Fashion or tasty Manhattan with one of your favorites or something new.

Sycamore Den

3391 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116
619.563.9019 |

If you feel like taking a trip back to the 70s with some groovy vibes and amazing drinks, then Sycamore Den is the place to add to you list. This laid back haven has got it all; interesting décor with banjos hanging on the wall, live music, a couple of bites to eat to keep you going and amazing cocktails. Their whiskey selection leaves nothing to be desired and is the main focus on their menu, bravo Sycamore Den. The other reason to visit this hot spot, as if you needed one more, is so that you can conquer their simple yet challenging game. A ring is attached to a long string, and there is a hook on the wall that you need to swing the hook and catch it on. Sounds simple enough, but I spent many a summer trying to master this game at an old friend’s house and it’ll have you entertained (or frustrated) all evening. My suggestion is to loosen up with a few of their delicious cocktails first for some success at this wonderfully wicked game.

sycamore den

Whiskey Girl

702 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
619.236.1616 |

We couldn’t possibly put together a list of whiskey bars in San Diego without including Whiskey Girl downtown. Not only do they have an impressive list of all the favorites, but they also have a unique selection of aged whiskeys that are a real treat to those who truly enjoy the taste of this dark brown treat. Come for the whiskey and stay for the party at this place. They show all the major sporting events, have a great food menu and even serve brunch on Sundays! The energy of this sports bar makes it perfect for getting together with friends to cheer on your favorite team or place a few bets on who’s ordering the next round of Jameson. Cheers to that!

Photo By: Whiskey Girl

Seven Grand

3054 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104
619.269.8820 |

Seven Grand is quite possibly my favorite whiskey bars in San Diego for over 500 reasons. That’s how many different types of whiskeys this North Park gem has available. The atmosphere is laid back, even though this place can draw a pretty big crowd on the weekends. The dimly lit bar has a speakeasy vibe to it, from the décor to the impeccably dressed bartenders who handcraft every single drink made to order. Big ice cubes, egg whites, bitters; everything that goes into these drinks are carefully selected and crafted, resulting in some of the best whiskey cocktails in the city. This bar has two pool tables to play at, and a large back room where you can enjoy some amazing live music. Order a whiskey from the top of their bookshelf (it looks like the one Belle slides across in Beauty and the Beast) and enjoy watching them climb the ladder and find just what you’re looking for.

Brett Winfield of Seven Grand. Photo by Nancy Villere of Crush Photo Studios for Locale Magazine.

Noble Experiment

777 G Street
San Diego, CA 92101
619.888.4713 |

Unless you’ve been informed by a local or happened to have stumbled upon Noble Experiment after dinner one night, you might not even know it exists. This San Diego Speakeasy is located in the Neighborhood, another great bar and restaurant to check out. Don’t go in there asking how to get into the speakeasy though because chances are they won’t give you any answers. Head to the back by the restroom and take a second glance at the stack of kegs you’ll find, it just happens to be the door into this cool, hidden hotspot. They suggest texting and making reservations to get in, but I’ve been able to get in with a little boost of liquid confidence and persuasion. Once inside order up some Jameson or a Whiskey Sour and enjoy the feeling that you’re now somewhere most San Diegans don’t even know exist.

Photo By:

Polite Provisions

4696 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92116
619.677.3784 |

If you are looking for all the fun and sophistication of a classy night out on the town without all the pretentiousness, then we’ve got the spot for you. Polite Provisions is located in the amazing North Park neighborhood, directly connected to Soda and Swine. This is perfect if you find yourself getting a little hungry while enjoying any of their amazing cocktails because you can have food from next door sent over to the bar! That fact alone has me hooked because it sure beats having to stagger around looking for a pizza place that is still open by the time you leave the bar. They serve up all types of specialty cocktails, some of them even on draft, along with beer, wine, punch bowls and, of course, an extensive whiskey selection for all my fellow straight shooters. Order up a bourbon you’ve never tried before and ask for a menu from next door from your impeccably dressed server and you’ll be set for one great evening.

polite provisions

Prohibition Lounge

548 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

The thing you might not know about this last bar is the fact that it even exists behind the door of the “lawyers office.” Prohibition is hidden behind what appears to be a law firm’s office building and set up like a traditional speakeasy of the past. That alone gives this place a cool, intimate, exclusive vibe from the second you make it down to the bar. Once inside you’re sure to enjoy any of the cocktails prepared by their very talented bartenders. They take their drinks very seriously at this place and can transform any liquor into something truly amazing. This is the spot to try a whiskey drink if you’re not usually a fan because one sip and you’ll be changing your whole opinion on the dark, mysterious liquor. For those of us who are already hooked, let these bartenders spoil your taste buds with something amazing. The laid back atmosphere is perfect for savoring every sip and you can catch some amazing jazz and funk bands on the weekends.


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