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Nothing’s Sweeter Than Breakfast at Wilma & Frieda in Greater Palm Springs

Written by: Lynne Eodice
Photographed by: Laura Perkins Best Breakfast Palm Springs

Wilma & Frieda prides itself in serving “comfort food with a twist,” according to General Manager Carlos Calixto. They opened just five years ago at the Gardens on El Paseo in Palm Desert, which they now refer to as “the café,” while the newer Palm Springs location is known as “the restaurant, the bigger brother.” Originally, Co-Owner Kelly McFall’s trips to desert eateries convinced her that they could do something different than what everyone else was offering. And so they did!

Churro Waffle Best Breakfast Palm Springs

“It’s our version of a Belgian Waffle, which is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside with a little bit of vanilla,” says Calixto. “Once we make the waffle, we brush it with a little clarified butter, then we coat it with cinnamon sugar, like a churro. Before it goes out, it’s topped with a Madagascar vanilla creme anglaise drizzle. It’s one of our [best]sellers.”

Native Knowledge: There is a talented chef at each Wilma & Frieda location—Chef Eddie Perez in Palm Desert and Chef Oscar Ayala in Palm Springs.

Churro Waffle Ingredients:

-Golden Malted Pancake & Waffle Mix
-Clarified Butter
-Cinnamon Sugar
-Madagascar Vanilla Creme Anglaise

Blackberry Custard French Toast Best Breakfast Palm Springs

“This is really our staple that we’ve been making since the beginning,” Calixto points out. “It’s a bread pudding-style custard. We take a pan and layer it with thick-cut brioche bread and fresh blackberries in between and pour a vanilla custard over it. We bake it, then let it cool down. We slice it into pieces, then dip it into another French toast batter, place it on a flat top and sear it nice and hot. Then finish it off with fresh blackberries, blackberry sauce and powdered sugar.”

Native Knowledge: The uniqueness of their menu stands out, especially items like the Blackberry Custard French Toast. “It’s taking something that’s familiar to you, and then taking it to another level,” Calixto says. 

Blackberry Custard French Toast Ingredients:

-Fresh Blackberries
-French Toast Batter
-Powdered Sugar

Wilma & Frieda
73575 El Paseo Dr, Ste 2310
Palm Desert, CA 92260

155 S Palm Canyon Dr, Ste A21-A27
Palm Springs, CA 92262