You Won’t Believe the Size of This Burger at Ruby’s Stack Attack Burger Challenge

Can You Handle the Challenge?

Written By: Raphael Madrid Stack Attack Burger Challenge

There are very few things more American than enjoying an old fashioned hamburger at a classic diner. We’d argue that competitive eating challenges might be one of them, but a burger eating challenge at an old fashioned diner? You can’t possibly get any more American than that!

In celebration of Burger Day and their 35th anniversary, Ruby’s Diner is showing just how well they stack against the competition with a towering new burger. The festivities begin on July 26 with the unveiling of Ruby’s Stack Attack Burger Challenge. Truly a sight to behold, by golly this behemoth of a burger is not to be taken lightly. Those brave enough to take it on will be faced with three and a half pounds of pure ambition and effort. Within a 35 minute time limit, participants would have to conquer six, half-pound patties with RubySauce, bacon, tater tots, onion rings, jalapeños, a side of french fries and a milkshake. Sounds like a mouthful, right?

We had a chance to preview the challenge at the Ruby’s Diner location in Costa Mesa on July 24, and it did not look like an easy feat. Three local contestants—two foodie bloggers and one Ruby’s superfan were the first to take on the Stack Attack Burger and let’s just say that it proved to be more meat than they could handle. Although superfan Miles Heller came very close to finishing the burger, the challenge seemed too much for amateur eaters, and contestant Buddy Clay, of @foodieoc, said he was perfectly content with just finishing the milkshake.

According to Ruby’s Senior Director of Marketing, Stacy Lee, the Ruby’s Stack Attack Burger Challenge will be available to the public beginning on Burger Day July 26, at select locations throughout the country, and must be ordered in advance online. Should you devour the burger, fries and milkshake in its entirety, you will be rewarded with eternal social media bragging rights, a commemorative t-shirt, and a $35 Ruby’s gift certificate so you can eat your way through the rest of the menu.

If a more discretely sized burger is more your speed, Ruby’s Diner is also offering a 35th Anniversary Burger. The quarter-pound pattied RubyBurger and fries will cost the special price of $2.99, with a dollar of that being donated to benefit The Ruby Dooby Foundation; benefitting the Children’s Hospital Orange County (CHOC), and research efforts for Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS).

In addition, Ruby’s Diner is also unveiling their Ruby’s Rewards loyalty program to give customers the opportunity to redeem exclusive offers and rewards when dining regularly.

To take advantage of all of Ruby’s Burger Day festivities on July 26, visit their website to find out which locations will have the Stack Attack Challenge available.

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Ruby’s Stack Attack Burger Challenge is About to Put True Foodies to the Test

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