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You Won’t Believe These Crazy Holiday Ice Cream Flavors

5 Must-Try Holiday Flavors From Salt & Straw in Los Angeles

Written By: Meaghan Lehrer Salt & Straw Holiday Flavors Los Angeles
Photographed By: Katie Tobin May Salt & Straw Holiday Flavors Los Angeles

In the five years that Salt & Straw has been serving a unique and ever-changing array of ice creams to excited customers lined up around the block, they’ve become somewhat of a staple around the holidays. The Portland, Oregon native shop has since opened multiple locations, a few of which are located right here in Los Angeles.

This month, as we creep towards Christmas and into the New Year, customers can cozy up in scarves and boots and enjoy Salt & Straw’s rich, buttery ice creams packed with holiday spices and goodies such as gingerbread cookie dough, honey butter, and fennel.

The November ice cream lineup alone was a major crowd-pleaser with flavors like sweet potato made with Vermont maple-infused marshmallow pillows and praline pecans, amongst other Thanksgiving-themed flavors.

Yours truly had the grueling task of trying each holiday flavor so that you would know which to devour and which to also probably devour. Here’s my breakdown of each and every one of Salt & Straw’s Holiday Flavors:

Honeyed Butter Tarts

This favor is the equivalent of taking a spoon-full of delicious currant-packed flaky pie and topping it with rich vanilla ice cream. It’s basically the best of both worlds in one bite. So, if feasting on ooey-gooey pie topped with the perfect amount of ice cream—which would be enough for each bite of pie, of course—then this would be a fabulous pick.

 Salt & Straw Holiday Flavors Los Angeles

Gingerbread Cookie Dough

My favorite of the flavors, the Gingerbread Cookie Dough ice cream is made with gingerbread molasses butter and stuffed with giant—and I mean giant—chunks of gingerbread cookie dough. Pair this with a rum-soaked eggnog, and you’ll be in heaven. And if you’re a bit afraid to try something out-of-the-box for your comfort, this is your go-to flavor.

 Salt & Straw Holiday Flavors Los Angeles

Apple Brandy & Pecan Pie

Salt & Straw hit the nail on the head with this combination. The initial taste is all apples, spices, and vanilla—but with a kick, of course. The sweet and savory pecans hit your mouth once you begin to chew. This is a classic combination anyone who enjoys a cozy drink by the fire would absolutely love.

 Salt & Straw Holiday Flavors Los Angeles

Peppermint Cocoa

While I initially found this flavor to taste exactly like a peppermint patty, after trying a few more bites, I found it was more like placing a candy cane into a thick, rich cup of hot cocoa and throwing it into the freezer for later. Salt & Straw didn’t just come up with their version of some ordinary mint chocolate chip-type flavor. Peppermint Cocoa is sort of like drinking Christmas in a cup and is perfect for the chocolate aficionado.

 Salt & Straw Holiday Flavors Los Angeles

Fennel Five Spiced Eggnog

Some people simply loathe eggnog, and some simply love it. I am the latter, so this flavor was the perfect combination of holiday spices and thick, creamy eggnog. This is another flavor I would pair with some sort of bourbon, whiskey, or spiced rum—or maybe just throw a scoop in a mug and top it off with your favorite holiday liqueur.


Salt & Straw
829 E 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Try These 5 Crazy-Good Holiday Flavors From Salt & Straw

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