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Special Effects | DIY Zombie

Written and Photographed by: Brianna Romano and Chelsea Maras
Makeup by: Heather Ditfurth of Dolled Up OC
Model: Sydney Diaz

Orange County Makeup Artist Heather Ditfurth of Dolled Up OC gets us makeup ready for Halloween. With products that are easy to find around Halloween stores, she shows us step by step instructions on how to turn that pretty face of yours into a Zombie!

What you will need:

  • Black and Yellow eyeshadow
  • Yellow and Blue Cream shadow
  • Nose and Scar Wax* (we used Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax)
  • Liquid Latex* (we used Ben Nye Liquid Latex )
  • Blood Gel* (we used Cinema Secrets Blood Gel)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Spatula or flat tool
  • Q-tips
  • Porous Sponge


Apply a small amount of black shadow to the middle of the forehead to create a dirty look, put concealer over middle of the area, leaving edges of the original spot visible.
ZOMBIE1Next, Apply Nose and Scar wax with a spatula, or similar tool. Place a generous amount at the center of the forehead, enough to be raised off the skin. Spread out edges of wax and apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol with a Q-tip to smooth.

ZOMBIE2Apply and spread blood gel onto the wax with a Q-tip.
ZOMBIE3Using a spatula or straight tool, cut into the wax, letting blood fill the cuts.
ZOMBIE4Take a small porous sponge and dab gently on and around.
ZOMBIE5With the sponge, dab a small amount of yellow cream shadow around the edges of the wound you have created and at an angle across cheekbone, then dab specks of blue throughout.

ZOMBIE6Using the Q-tip again, put a dime-size circle of blood on one cheek.

ZOMBIE7On the same cheek, apply a generous amount of Nose and Scar wax over blood, and on the other cheek apply a nickel size amount of nose and scar wax. Using a Q-tip, apply rubbing alcohol to wax and smooth out edges.

ZOMBIE8Cover edges and lightly coat center of wax with Liquid Latex on both sides, let dry.

ZOMBIE9Using a yellow shadow, cover bottom corners of eyes, and cover eyelids with a light dusting of black shadow.

ZOMBIE10Take a spatula or round end tool, to poke a hole where blood gel was placed. The blood gel should drip out. Then add more blood to the hole.

ZOMBIE11Use porous sponge to dab specks of blood around the entire wound, and on the opposite side of the face. If too noticeably white, gently pull off small pieces of the liquid latex.

ZOMBIE12Don’t be afraid to overdue the blood gel!


Now you’re ready to hit the town and eat some brains!


Check out Dolled Up OC to book an appointment or to see more of Heather’s work.

949.259.3561 | www.dolledupoc.com