The Only Fitness Tip You’ll Need For Life

Fitness Tip

Oscar Rodriguez Gives Us The Fitness Tip We’ve All Been Searching For—And It’s So Easy! Written By: Molly Brooks  The Only Fitness Tip You’ll Need For Life Photographed By: Nick Isabella The Expert: Oscar Rodriguez Credentials: Owner of GFit San Diego Q: What is your number one nutrition tip for your clients? Oscar Rodriguez: It’s … Read more

North San Diego’s Coolest Coffee Performance

The Best of Artisan Microbrewing, Plus a Show! Mostra Coffee Written By: Allie Moreno Mostra Coffee If you are just passing through North County, in the Carmel Mountain area, you won’t see any welcome signs or storefronts in any of the local shopping centers. Tucked away in an industrial park behind a Home Depot is where … Read more

NHL Approves Las Vegas’ First-Ever Professional Hockey Team

Ice, Ice Vegas Baby Written By: Jordan Ligons NHL Black Knights The year 2017 marks the 100th birthday of the National Hockey League (NHL). Their birthday present? The first professional hockey team in Las Vegas. NHL Black Knights On June 22, the league’s board of governors unanimously voted 8-0 to approve Sin City’s first professional sports … Read more

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