Surfing Icon Rob Machado Talks Trash-Free Beaches, Clean Water for Kids and How Much He Loves North County

This Famous Surfer is Helping the Home He Knows and Loves Written By: Chelsea Raineri Photographed By: Michael Wesley Rob Machado Assistant Photographer: Diane Marques Rob Machado The sun begins to peak over a foreign island just south of the equator. The wind’s blowing offshore, the waves are ‘peaky’ and the beach is completely empty. It’s … Read more

The World’s Best Athletes are Drinking Villager Coconut Water, are You?

From Beer to Coconut Water, Josh Landan Talks His Journey and Purpose Written By: Mayandra Robbins Photographed By: Bhadri Kubendran Expert: Josh Landan Credentials: Co-Founder and CEO of Villager Goods Movie Maker: Landan started out as a filmmaker who would make surf and skate videos. Refreshing, smooth and not too sweet—just a few of the … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Jump on This Amazing Life Is Beautiful Package at Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

Come for the Festival, Stay for the Amenities Written By: Lyndsay Marvin Life is Beautiful Life is Beautiful music festival is back for its fifth year in Las Vegas, and as preparations begin, you might be thinking about your own plan when it comes to having a place to lay your weary, music-filled head. The festival … Read more

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