From Piñatas to Frida Kahlo Pins, Casa Artelexia is Your One Stop Mexican Shop

Get Your Instagram Game on Point With This Decor from Casa Artelexia Written By: Emily Torres Photographed By: Josie Gonzales Casa Artelexia While downtown San Diego is just a mere half-hour drive from the border, Artelexia brings the border even closer to San Diegans with two colorful retail fronts in North Park, interactive events and neighborhood block … Read more

Why You Need to Try Lumberyard Tavern’s Lamb Burger ASAP

See What Ingredients Make Up one of the Top Burgers in San Diego Written By: Will Lange Photographed By: Josie Gonzales Burgers in Encinitas Situated off coast highway in beautiful Encinitas, the Lumberyard Tavern is a long-time haven for tourists and locals. It’s been open for eight years, which says a lot, considering it’s parked … Read more

Decorate Your Home on a Budget With Oscar Bravo Homes

Oscar Bravo Says Your Home Can be Stylish on a Budget Written By: Sarah Hood Photographed By: Bhadri Kubendran Expert: Oscar Bravo Credentials: Owner and Interior Decorator for Oscar Bravo Homes   Q: Tell me about how you became an interior decorator. What drew you to this enterprise? Oscar Bravo: I’ve always had a passion … Read more

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