Skip the Museum and See These 5 Street Art Murals in Coachella

Roots Run Deep in Coachella City’s Cultural Art Scene Written By: Tatiana Servin De Maio Coachella Art Installations What lies beyond the desert palms and picturesque oasis of the city of Coachella is a vibrant art scene that grows with each rising and setting of the sun. Outdoor art in Coachella warrants its own wanderlust adventure. … Read more

Who is Your Favorite Coffee Pro in North Park?

Vote For Your Favorite Caffeine Fix Written By: Priscilla Carcido Best Coffeeshops in North Park Johnna Weddle, Manager of Communal Coffee Free Time Festivities: “She enjoys being in the sunshine on a hike or at the beach if she’s not cuddling her two new kittens. She is a master at thrifting and is always down for … Read more

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