Skip the Museum and See These 5 Street Art Murals in Coachella

Roots Run Deep in Coachella City’s Cultural Art Scene

Written By: Tatiana Servin De Maio Coachella Art Installations

What lies beyond the desert palms and picturesque oasis of the city of Coachella is a vibrant art scene that grows with each rising and setting of the sun. Outdoor art in Coachella warrants its own wanderlust adventure. Here’s a list of five life-size art installations you must visit. Coachella Art Installations

Anonymous Farm Worker

Artist: El Mac

The Coachella art scene includes a mural dedicated to the anonymous farm workers painted by El Mac. The artist, who sought to shed light on the poor working conditions of local farmers, beckons you to absorb the deep culture of the region in its depiction of history through art.

Native Knowledge: The artist first kicked off the painting of the mural on March 31, Cesar Chavez Day.

6th St and Vine Ave
Coachella, CA 92236
Northwest Corner

Coachella Art Installations

Casa De Trabajador Coachella Art Installations

Artists: The Date Farmers

Painted by Date Farmers Art Studios, artists Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez, this brightly-colored mural illustrates two men marching in the Delano grape strike and boycott of 1965. Its location is appropriate since it is also the physical location where Cesar Chavez spent time organizing farmworkers in the ‘60s.

Native Knowledge: Accompanied alongside another mural titled “El Centro del Trabajador.”

722 Vine St
Coachella, CA 92236
North Facing Wall

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La Cosecha Del Futuro Se Siembra Con La Semilla Del Pasado

Artist: Sego y Ovbal

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In Sego’s work, rich symbolism grips hold in deep cultural dedication to the work of Cesar Chavez. To know of Coachella Valley art is to know of its vibrant history captured in the heart, grape leaves and swallows in this mural.

Native Knowledge: Part of the city-sponsored mural project known as the Coachella Walls.

722 Vine St
Coachella, CA 92236
South Facing Wall

Breaker Coachella Art Installations

Artist: Andrew Hem

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Art in Palm Springs holds cultural significance to locals and transplants alike. Andrew Hem brings together the vibrancy contrasted in two of his cultures including his Los Angeles upbringing and the rich ancestry of the Khmer people, a Southeast Asian ethnic group native to Cambodia, in this public artwork.

Native Knowledge: Hem used gouache as well as oil and acrylic paints.

1560 6th St
Coachella, CA 92236
East Facing Wall

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The Kinetoscope Coachella Art Installations

Artist: Christina Angelina

While not technically within the city of Coachella, murals like The Kinetoscope in Slab City, CA, are a part of the urban desert art collection, communicating powerful messages to its visitors. In this circular mural, located inside an abandoned water tank, the artist portrays a series of woman faces in suspended emotion.

Native Knowledge: Considered by many to be an oasis of feminine power.

Outer Edge of Slab City, CA

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