Road Trip! Here’s How We Would Spend 24 Hours in Palm Desert

From Great Eats to Hikes and Shopping, Check Out Our Must-Do List of What to Do in 24 Hours in Palm Desert Written By: Lynne Eodice what to do in Palm Desert Toss us the keys and pack your bags, we’re heading to Palm Desert! If you only have 24 hours to spend in this oasis, … Read more

7 Tips From a Pro On How to Make That Paper and Get Ahead of Your Finances This Year

Beacon Pointe Breaks Down How to Make the Most of Your Money This Year Written By: Locale Editors New Financial Tips Hello 2019! It’s the start of a new year, and we’ve all mentally piled up a list of goals, resolutions and wishes for the coming year. But following through with your New Year’s resolutions takes … Read more

This OC Health Clinic Invests in Their Patients Health Using Holistic and Functional Medicine

From Acne Treatments to Stem Cell Therapy, Start Your 2019 Health Kick With Anit-Fragility Written By: Brittany Lawrence Photographed By: Nathan Whelan Health Clinic Model: Kat McCleary from Brand Talent Model Management The new year often sparks the urge to make healthier choices. Whether your goal is internal, external or both, feeling and looking healthy … Read more

Vote for Your Favorite Brewery Owner in Los Angeles

Owners So Cool And Breweries So Good, You’ll Be There Until Closing Time Written By: Kaitlynn Labit Favorite LA Brewery Owner Paige Reilly, Director of Operations, The Stalking Horse Q: What is your favorite beer? Paige Reilly: My favorite Stalking Horse beer is the Minions Ordinary Bitter. It is super low in ABV (alcohol by volume) … Read more

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