9 Reasons Now Is the Perfect Time for Plastic Surgery—We Have Before and After Photos to Prove It

It’s Almost 2021 and There Is No Better Time to Look and Feel Your Best Written By: LOCALE Editors Photography Provided By: Grover Aesthetics Grover Aesthetics Newport Beach While many people are working from home, spending more time at home and not having to leave the house as often, it couldn’t be a better time … Read more

11 Ways to Make This Thanksgiving the Best One Yet

We All Know It’s Been an Unconventional Year  Written By: Erik Hale Thanksgiving 2020 There’s no place like home when it comes to the holidays. And while your Turkey Day festivities may look a bit different this year, there are still plenty of ways to feast, give thanks and celebrate—without a packed house. Here’s 11 … Read more

“The Voice’s” Cedrice Opens Up About Discovering (and Loving) Her Authentic Self

Cedrice, Star of NBC’s “The Voice”, Gets Real About Her Journey There are many words you could use to describe Cedrice [Webber]: intelligent, kind-hearted, beautiful, talented—but the one she would probably agree with the most is authentic. Cedrice The Voice But this authenticity didn’t come naturally to the singer at first. At the age of … Read more

Master Illusionist Zach King Discusses Humble Beginnings, Content Creation and the Future of Film

Prepare for Some Smoke and Mirrors!  Zach King TikTok Written By: Dash Finley Photographed By: Jared Schlachet and Joe Magnani Zach King TikTok Styled By: Neil Cohen Zach King TikTok For Zach King, it all started with kittens wielding lightsabers. Before he rocketed to fame as an acclaimed Internet creator, a pioneer in the art … Read more

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