10 Places in LA to Shop, Eat and Play on Small Business Saturday

Check Out These Local Businesses and Shop Small LA Written By: Charlotte Farrell Shop Small LA Come Nov. 25, the Black Friday mayhem will have subsided and the serious shoppers will be ready to support their communities while stocking up on Christmas gifts at a cheaper price. Or, they burned off all the Thanksgiving Day food


Here’s What You Need to Get Your Coolest Friends for the Holidays

Our Favorite Squarespace-Hosted Sites for the Trendsetter in Your Life Written By: Charlotte Farrell Squarespace Gifts When it comes to shopping for the trendsetter in your life, it’s important that you hit all the right marks. Will it get enough Instagram likes? Do you even know what “Millennial Pink” is? Does it require a filter to


5 Swanky Destinations to Celebrate Ladies’ Night From LA to NYC

Reunite For A Memorable Girls Night Out on the Town Written By: Charlotte Farrell Photos Provided By: Fingerprint Communications Girls Night Out Life can be so stressful, and it’s easy to let your friendships fall by the wayside. But no more! It is time to call your gals and make some moves! Blast some music, sing


When Life Gives You Lemons, Start a Sushi School

Chef Andy Matsuda Talks Sushi, His Superstar Students and How to Overcome Struggle Written By: Charlotte Farrell Photographed By: Ryan Hensley A teacher, at their core, is someone who finds joy in spreading knowledge and motivating their subjects. The goal is to guide the student on the path to realizing their dreams. Chef Andy Matsuda


5 Things That Prove the DoubleTree in Palm Springs is Not a Mirage

Families, Couples and Colleagues Can All Enjoy Modern Comfort in the Desert Written By: Charlotte Farrell DoubleTree Palm Springs Picture this: It’s 120 degrees outside. You just sat through rush hour traffic. You’re a bit disheveled, sweaty, hungry and thirsty. You begrudgingly grab your bags as you make your way to your hotel. The goal? Get


Where to Watch Outdoor Movies in LA

Where to Catch a Flick Under the Stars Written By: Charlotte Farrell Outdoor Movies in LA Take a break from those Netflix marathons and snapping pictures of your food for Insta. Get out and go to the movies! But, don’t just go to the movies (that’s so basic). Go to the movies at the outdoor theater

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