4 Summer Beauty Trends That’ll Have You Saying, “I Woke Up Like This”

Sun-Kissed Skin and Flawless Brows—These Summer Beauty Trends Are Worth Keeping Up With!

Summer is in full swing, ushering in sunshine-filled days, blooming flowers and the latest beauty trends for 2021. After a year of sweatpants and takeout, it’s officially time to see the world! Take a step back from the daily stressors and devote some energy to self-care, so you can step into your summer vacay feeling cool and confident. We’ve tracked the latest trends and the best places in Orange County to get in on the action. Beauty Trends

Beauty Trends

1 | You Glow Girl

Let’s start with the skin. This season, keep your skin soft and smooth with Botox—the first and only FDA-approved treatment to smooth wrinkles by reducing muscle contractions. Other options to get that fresh-faced glow include fillers and beauty shots, which add soft tissue to wrinkles to increase volume and reduce visibility of lines. WeVitalize, a newly opened medical spa that provides preventive and proactive health and wellness care, offers these treatments along with several others (think IV Drip Therapy, Vitamin Shots, Regenerative Medicine, Infrared Saunas, PRP Facials and Compression Therapy!). Whether you’re trying something new or getting your “usual” treatment, their personalized health and wellness services from the expert team will put you at ease. WeVitalize will be your new go-to, one-stop shop that will keep you looking and feeling your best. Visit this med spa’s state-of-the-art location in Huntington Beach!

Location: Huntington Beach

EXP 9/24


2 | Perfect Brows 

Ever get tired of waking up and trying to perfect your eyebrows everyday? Yeah, us too. That’s where microblading comes in. Microblading is a type of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing that uses delicate needles to create realistic-looking eyebrow hairs that won’t wash off at the end of the day. Dive in the ocean or cannonball in the pool with no fear! Brow House and their talented team of artists have over 14 years of experience. This is OC’s only place where the team is certified in microblading, and their artists are sure to keep your brows oh so beautiful.

Brow House
Location: Newport Beach

3 | Say It With a Manicure

Summer is full of color, wonder and most importantly, fun! If you haven’t seen it all over Instagram lately, bold and bright nail designs are most definitely IN. A great way to add some playfulness to your summer style is by exploring different nail designs, patterns and color combinations. CDM Nail Bar and their artists can give you a set of fresh spring daisies, stunning rainbow ombre or even those bold yellow happy faces. There’s no limit to your creative expression, and the artists at CDM Nail Bar have the talent to bring your summer fantasies right to your fingertips.

CDM Nail Bar
Location: Corona del Mar

Beauty Trends

4 | Kissed by the Sun

Summer sun can bring out the skin’s natural freckles—if you’re one of the lucky few. If you’re not but still want to embrace these adorable summer spots, faux freckles may be calling your name. These can be done at home for some DIY fun by using helpful tools, such as the Freck OG Freckle Pen, which has a liquid formula for smooth application. There’s also the Colour Pop Freckle Pen for more precise application and the Pseudo Labs Phreckles Kit, which is water-resistant for 80 minutes of summer festivities. 

@freck | @colourpopcosmetics | @pseudolabs

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