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9 of the Coolest Dining Experiences in Los Angeles

From The Grove Trolley to Gucci’s Flagship Store, Make a Reservation for a Dinner to Remember!

One of the best aspects of the Los Angeles foodie scene is the abundance of unique restaurants that offer experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. From Michelin-starred menus and chefs to unheard-of atmospheres and presentations that set the scene, innovative dining in Los Angeles is continuing to grow. Take a look at the nine must-dine restaurants in LA that are sure to serve up an experience for the books! Unique Dining Los Angeles


Bistro 1759 Unique Dining Los Angeles

Rather than sitting idle at a table, Bistro 1759 in The Grove takes guests for a wild ride…literally! This new and inventive restaurant places guests on top of the famous Grove Trolley as they enjoy some of their favorite dishes from Blue Ribbon Sushi & Grill. Sip on a cocktail or try their renowned wine pairing while the trolley transports you through the busy yet beautiful shopping center. Be sure to visit while you can, as this unique dining experience is only available until August 31, 2021!

Location: West Hollywood (The Grove)



Tomoko Spa Unique Dining Los Angeles

Tomoko Spa in Beverly Hills offers guests an experience that redefines indulgence. A luxurious combo of massages and fine Japanese cuisine is done both artfully and thoughtfully at Tomoko, leaving customers with a memory to last a lifetime. The massages are state-of-the-art and conducted with therapeutic expertise that is based in Japanese tradition and culture. In addition to providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience for pretty much anyone, Tomoko Spa’s treatments are also known for alleviating pain and assisting in the healing of physical ailments. After your massage, sit down in a traditional kimono for some fresh sushi and herbal tea. 

Location: Beverly Hills


71 Above Unique Dining Los Angeles

With 360-degree views in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, 71 Above boasts one of the most stunning atmospheres in all of LA, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that frame breathtaking views of the city skyline. Being able to dine so high up in the sky and see the city in its entirety is an experience that every LA local should have at least once. In addition, 71 Above’s modern American cuisine is both unique and impressive in its quality and presentation. It’s the perfect spot for someone looking to add a little extra romance to a special date night! 

Location: Downtown LA


Urasawa Unique Dining Los Angeles

Beverly Hills-based Urasawa is known for offering one of the most exclusive Japanese dining experiences in the nation. With only about 10 seats available in the entire restaurant (that’s right, 10 seats!), patrons of Urasawa truly get treated like royalty. Each dish is given the exact amount of attention needed for a three Michelin-star experience, ensuring that Urasawa remains hands down one of the most unique dining experiences in Los Angeles. 

Location: Beverly Hills



Barton G

Barton G is a well-known restaurant that puts a big twist on big dishes. With crazy meal displays, such as serving their famous swordfish with an actual sword in it, Barton G is a fantastic place for birthdays and celebrations. In addition to having your taste buds taken for a spin, the entire process at Barton G is designed to stimulate all of your senses, giving you an experience unlike any other. 

Location: Beverly Hills




Run by two Michelin-starred chef Josiah Citrin, Openaire serves up a delicious menu centered around both the land and the sea in the middle of a lush greenhouse atmosphere, transporting guests to the likes of Eden rather than Koreatown. The menu is intended to embrace each season as it changes and incorporates a sort of diversity that is inspired by the melting-pot culture found in Los Angeles. Best of all, if you are a guest of the Line LA hotel, you can even enjoy a handful of these phenomenal dishes while lounging poolside!

Location: Koreatown 




Vespertine prides itself on providing guests with a multisensory experience that combines food, art, architecture and music to create an immersive concept that goes beyond simply dining out. From the presentation to the quality of the dishes, patrons of Vespertine are sure to be blown away by the attention to detail and the unique innovation that is showcased. Out of all of the unique dining in Los Angeles, Vespertine takes the cake for being completely out of this world. 

Location: Culver City


Broad Street Oyster Co. 

With a casual, outdoor atmosphere that is beyond fitting for Malibu, Broad Street Oyster Co. continues to serve up some of the freshest seafood on the west side. From their buttery Connecticut rolls to their crispy fish and chips, the delicious food and laid-back vibe at Broad Street Oyster Co. are made even better by the beach-shack atmosphere with classic tin trays and a drive-thru-style ordering counter. This sets the scene for an iconic summer date destination!

Location: Malibu



Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills 

If you can’t get enough designer fashion in your life, then you’re in luck—Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills sits on the rooftop of the Rodeo Flag Gucci flagship store and is eager to serve you decadent dishes. Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura and Gucci Marco Bizzarri (CEO and president of Gucci) have a friendship that dates back to childhood, and they came together to create this one-of-a-kind dining experience. Grab your Gucci handbag and get ready to snap a few Insta-worthy photos. 

Location: Beverly Hills



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