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Meet Doughbrik’s Pizza—David Dobrik’s New Pizza Parlor on Sunset Blvd

Doughbrik’s Pizza Is a Retro, Fast-Casual Pizza Joint Sure to Impress

The one and only Youtube sensation David Dobrik has a new title—pizza shop owner. Dobrik and long-time friend Ilya Fedorovich have created a legendary pizza parlor on the world-famous Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles—meet Doughbrik’s Pizza. This fast-casual pizza joint offers a unique take on Chicago-style pizza in a totally retro, Insta-worthy (or Youtube, TikTok, if you will) setting. 

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David Dobrik
Credit: Cibelle Levi

“I have always loved creating things for others to enjoy and everyone enjoys good pizza. I love Los Angeles, but always felt like I was missing a piece of home,” says Dobrik.

Open every day, with late night hours until 3 a.m. (Thursday through Saturday), and 10 p.m. the other nights, Doughbrik’s certainly will never disappoint. Whether you’re craving a cheesy slice or bringing a whole pizza home to your crew, Doughbrik’s has you covered. Pizza choices include everything from meat lovers to the Chicagoan, and Doughbrik’s signature hot honey drizzle is a must-try topping for any pizza. Choose between two different crust options, The Doughy (a thick focaccia style crust) or classic Tavern-style (a thin-layer pie crust cut into squares). 


David Dobrik’s Doughbrik’s Shop
Credit: Palo Dobrik and Cibelle Levi

“I wanted to create a pizza influenced by all my favorites and a bit of my Chicago roots. Doughbrik’s is a place to come hang out for a quick slice, devour a whole doughy pie or grab a scoop of my favorite midwestern Blue Moon ice cream,” explains Dobrik. 

Cibelle Levi
Credit: Cibelle Levi

Dobrik and Fedorovich have incorporated Easter egg surprises scattered throughout the restaurant. Limited edition circular pizza boxes will be available for the first 300 customers and have a specialized coin that will get you a treat (or trick). Created through the eyes of content creators, the green and orange decor, neon signs and minimalistic menu make it feel as if you’re jumping right into a diner-esque Hollywood set—2024 edition.

With a whopping 72 million followers across all social media platforms, Dobrik is one of the most influential content creators and social media sensations of our time. Now he’s bringing an IRL concept to LA for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. Possibly the greatest pizza of all time? You’ll have to come see for yourself.

Doughbrik’s Pizza
8363 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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