Get Trendy With the Owner of Del Mar’s Van De Vort Boutique

Andrea Van De Vort Aims for her Customers to Stand Out in a Crowd

Written By: Emily Torres
Photographed By: Nick Isabella Van De Vort

Expert: Andrea Van De Vort
Credentials: Owner of Van De Vort Boutique

Del Mar’s Van De Vort tackles the stereotype of San Diegans wearing bikinis and flip flops all day. Opened in 2013 by business-savvy and stylish mom-on-the-go Andrea Van De Vort, the boutique highlights the latest trends in the fashion industry and is among the first boutique in San Diego to bring Los Angeles’ favorite brands to the trendsetters down south. Van De Vort features free-spirited, floral, edgy, modern styles on their racks for women of all ages. Bonus: Andrea Van De Vort just co-opened a kids’ store, Mini Market, that is a one-stop shop for styling your mini trendsetters!

Q: Tell me how Van De Vort got started.

Andrea Van De Vort: I was working in the fashion industry in LA as a sales rep for a few Australian labels. It always baffled me how my account list for San Diego was so small. There weren’t boutiques that fit the vibe of these amazing brands that were so coveted in LA. Instagram was just picking up around that same time, so people were becoming aware of these smaller brand names, but the only way to get them at that time was to drive up to LA or shop online. I started dating my husband who is from Del Mar, and once we got married, I moved down here and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to create a store that carried all of these lines. I took the risk and opened in 2013. After one year of business, we doubled in size and expanded into the shop next to us, which was actually the space where I bought my wedding dress years prior! So, now the girls that stand in front the mirror at our shop are standing in the exact spot where I said ‘yes’ to the dress, which is neat.

Q: What is the vibe of Van De Vort?

AV: I guess you would call it ‘boho-chic.’ However, that term is evolving. We definitely stay on top of trends but cater to anyone that walks in the door. You can find a statement piece for a music festival, a pretty dress for a wedding and tons of easy-to-wear outfits for the casual San Diego lifestyle. Our clients range from college students to ladies in their 50s—there’s really something for everyone at our shop.

Q: What makes Van De Vort different from other San Diego boutiques on the scene?

AV: We’re always trying to stay on top of the game, bringing in new brands, smaller designers and really special pieces that you can’t get anywhere else. We specialize in personal styling; we can dress you from head to toe, completing a wardrobe with accessories, jewelry and shoes. We also do in-home styling services, as well as out-of-state care packages for clients that either moved away or met us while vacationing out here. We’re known for our strong social media presence and collaborations with big time bloggers and celebrities. We also throw the best parties, if I do say so myself!

Q: What inspires you in this industry?

AV: I’m inspired by the constant change and evolution of style. I’m inspired by designers that can come up with a collection every season, making them better each season. I’m inspired by our clients who love fashion and are always looking to us to bring the newest trends.

Q: What does your day-to-day look like?

AV: My day-to-day is crazy! It’s a juggling act of mom-ing and owning two businesses. I’m in and out of the shop, the office, the park, the grocery store a few times a day and traveling up to LA for meetings! Every day is different, and I won’t lie, I am tired. But it’s all worth it!

Q: How do you want Van De Vort to shape the style scene in San Diego?

AV: I hope that Van De Vort continues to stay on top of the game, always being the first to offer new trends and help people go outside of their comfort zone. My favorite thing is when shoppers end up buying something they never would have tried on without the help of our stylists. I hope Van De Vort gives people the confidence to stand out in a crowd!

Q: What are you most passionate about?

AV: I’m passionate about fashion! I love interior design, beauty products, cooking, drinking wine and the spa. My favorite thing in this world though is my family—my two-year old son Cannon and husband Wesley. Nothing beats spending time with them!

Van De Vort Boutique
Flower Hill Promenade
2710 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014
Stop by Van De Vort Boutique in Del Mar to get Your Boho-Chic Fix

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