Our Mini-Guide of What You Can Do About the California Wildfires

4 Simple Things You Can Do Today

Written By: Taylor Gorski Help California Wildfires

California is on fire. 

And not for the first time. In fact, these are the worst wildfires the state has ever seen. More than two million acres have been burned. According to the Associated Press, “They are only the latest examples of what a half-dozen fire experts agreed is more extreme fire behavior driven by drought and warming temperatures they attribute to climate change.” 

While witnessing these devastating fires on the news, breathing in the aftermath in our own neighborhoods and feeling overall helpless, we’ve rounded up a few ways to help. 


1 | Donate Help California Wildfires

California Fire Foundation: provides critical support to victims, firefighters and communities affected by wildfire and disaster throughout California

California Community Foundation: supports both immediate disaster relief and long-term recovery efforts for those affected by California wildfires

Greater Bay Area Central Coast Wildfire Relief Fund: the collected funds will be applied to immediate and long-term recovery assistance for residents affected by the wildfires, with an initial focus on providing housing assistance (vouchers or cash), cash assistance to displaced families and other identified immediate needs

The Salvation Army: currently feeding evacuees of the wildfire complex 


2 | Vote Help California Wildfires

Consider climate change when casting your ballot this year

  1. Make sure you are registered to vote
  2. The election is on November 3rd, but early voting is available in California. 
  3. Visit vote411.org and vote.org to learn more about the candidates and voting in your state.
  4. Contact local officials about your climate concerns and the urge to address this issue. 


3 | Stay Aware and Informed 

Be a good human. Research how to lower your carbon footprint, throw away your trash, volunteer for local organizations and lend a helping hand. Be aware of your surroundings when traveling and leave no trace. 


4 | Be Prepared

Plan, know and act if a wildfire is coming your way. 

Taylor is a graduate from the University of Southern California with a degree in journalism. She is our Los Angeles and Orange County editor. You can find her dining at a new restaurant, in the ocean or planning her next adventure. Say hello!




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