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This SoCal Influencer Gives Us Her Tips on Staying Healthy and Having Fun This Summer

We Love These 5 Attainable Tips 

Former soccer pro and model-turned-fitness-influencer McKenna Waitley is a SoCal bikini babe and self-professed tomboy who crushes athlete-level workouts while still enjoying the good things in life. When not training private clients in Costa Mesa or helping subscribers achieve their strongest selves with her live and on-demand HIIT classes, she’s cruising mellow waves on her longboard. Here are her top-five tips for balancing summer fun while staying healthy. Low Calorie Alcoholic Seltzer


Expert: McKenna Waitley Low Calorie Alcoholic Seltzer

Credentials: Model, Trainer, Fitness Influencer and Former Pro Soccer Player

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1 | Balance Is Key Low Calorie Alcoholic Seltzer

As with most things in life, we all know balance is crucial, but Waitley shares it’s even more important when it comes to health and fitness. “Everyone has a different schedule, so learn what fits your lifestyle and alternate things to avoid burnout. Find fun workouts that you enjoy doing––even if it’s going for a nice hike or cruising down to the beach on your skateboard with a beer.” 


2 | No Harsh Diets Low Calorie Alcoholic Seltzer

While low-carb eating plans are still trendy, Waitley says good carbs should be your friend. “Unprocessed carbohydrates are a great source of fuel for my body. Whether it’s avocado toast or some whole-grain pancakes, I love them in the morning because they give me so much energy to put into my workouts. Plus, I find not cutting myself off stops me craving a pizza at 10 o’clock at night.”

Local Insight: Waitley loves to eat at healthy Mediterranean restaurant CAVA on East 17th Street. “They have the best build-your-own grain-based bowls!” she says.


3 | Create a Sustainable Routine

Everyone looks for the fastest results when it comes to getting in shape, but Waitley advises creating a routine that you can stick to and sustain. “My personal go-to and best bang for your buck is a HIIT session. Just pick five exercises you love and do four rounds of each with quick transitions. A short and sweet 30-minute workout is fast, easy and there’s no time to procrastinate about going to the gym.”

Local Insight: “The Back Bay Loop Trail here in Costa Mesa is awesome,” says Waitley. “Running down and seeing everyone else out being active really motivates me.” 

Low Calorie Alcoholic Seltzer

4 | It’s OK to Let Your Hair Down

As a former pro athlete and trainer who promotes health and wellness, Waitley says it is possible to stay in shape and enjoy a little alcohol too. “I really like the flavors of Corona Hard Seltzer and Corona Premier—so light and fresh on a nice sunny day. And because they’re only 90 calories each, they’re perfect for packing up and taking to a friend’s house for a midweek backyard barbecue.”

5 | The Mind-Body Connect

As we come out of quarantine and head into summer, Waitley advises that instead of pressuring yourself over to-do lists, try jotting down little victories instead. “Every week, I like writing about things I’ve accomplished or am grateful for—like hanging out with friends. If all you’re focusing on is what you haven’t done, you’ll never appreciate the things you are experiencing.” 

Low Calorie Alcoholic Seltzer


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