Five Deep Fried OC Fair Finds That Will Blow Your Mind

Bacon Wrapped, Stuffed, and On a Stick: It’s All Here

Written By: Tamara Philips OC Fair


The OC Fair wants you to “Get Your Fair Face On!” Opening July 15, the fair will be open Wednesday-Sunday until August 14 with 23 nights of shopping, animals, concerts, epic rides, games galore—and best of all, the tastiest (and quite possibly the craziest) finger-licking deep fried food to hit the fairgrounds. Here’s the lineup of what you absolutely need to taste. Hint: you may have to make a few trips.


Chicken in a Waffle on a Stick

A late night meal after a night on the town or even just a weekend brunch treat, Chicken and Waffles is an all-around indulgent combo. And now, you can have them both together on a stick! Chicken Charlie’s cooks fried chicken tenders in a waffle, puts it on a stick, and voilà: to-go perfection! Also, pick up some Kool-Aid Hot Wings with a subtle spicy flair at this stop: the orange flavor is exclusively served at the OC Fair.


Bacon Nutella Pickle

Alright, get ready to get weird with this sweet, sour, and salty treat: Pickle O’ Pete’s debuts the Bacon Nutella Pickle that boasts the chocolate-hazelnut spread we all love. The pickle is filled with the Nutella, then wrapped in bacon, and lastly is dipped in funnel cake batter to create the deep fried finale.


S’mores Texas Donut

Looking for a sugar rush—super-sized and Texas size approved? Grab a S’mores Texas Donut. This massive donut is topped with chocolate drizzle, Oreo cookie crumble, graham cracker crumbs and marshmallow cream. We’ll return to real life after savoring this one. Please hold.


Deep Fried Pizza Log

Pizza comes before anything else, right? Get your taste buds’ priorities in check with the Apple Fries booth’s Deep Fried Pizza Log. Mozzarella cheese and pepperoni are wrapped inside pizza dough, and then, you guessed it—deep fried to create soft yet flaky perfection. Tip: don’t share.

French Toast Bacon Bombs

An explosion of salty-sweet and breakfast-inspired sweetness, Bacon A-Fair’s French Toast Bacon Bombs already have us salivating. With sweet dough stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, these bombs are deep fried and rolled in a ridiculously amazing amount of cinnamon sugar. Just go ahead and stuff your face with this one—no judgement.
Native Knowledge: If you decide to have some drinks with your deep fried treats, the OC Fair will offer free shuttle service on Saturdays and Sundays from the Experian parking structure off Bristol exit of 405 freeway.

The OC Fair
88 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
OC Fair’s Deep Fried Goodness

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