Tune in to Greenpeace’s in Three-Part Video Series, Countdown to Destruction with Alice Braga

Written By: Taylor Gorski
Photography Provided By: © Otávio Almeida / Greenpeace Alice Braga Joins Greenpeace

Brazillian actress and producer Alice Braga has partnered with Greenpeace to showcase the direct connection between the food we eat and the climate crisis. Greenpeace is an organization that fights to protect a greener, healthier world for our oceans, forests, food, climate and democracy. A YouTube video series with three short, informative and educational clips has been released, called Countdown to Destruction with Alice Braga. The overarching goal of these videos is to discuss and explain the broken food system and industrial agriculture’s adverse impact on our planet and its people.  

The first video, titled “Do you know where the food you eat comes from?”, breaks down the system, discusses greenhouse gases and showcases alarming statistics that some may not be aware of, such as: 

  • “Industrial agriculture greenhouse gas emissions are now the same as all cars, trains, ships, buses and planes combined.”
  • “It takes more land to grow food to feed the animals than to feed humans.”
  • “26% of all land on Earth is used for grazing or growing animal feed.” Alice Braga Joins Greenpeace

The second episode, “Can we fix our broken food system?”, dives even deeper into these issues. While the third episode, “Food for people, not for profits,” discusses changing the systems and the importance of our personal choices.  

One million species are risking extinction in the climate emergency we are living in today. Designing a better food system—knowing where the food we eat comes from and how it is grown—is one of the many goals of this Countdown to Destruction campaign.

To learn more about the campaign and watch the three-part video series, visit the Greenpeace website.  Alice Braga Joins Greenpeace


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